7 Bad Habits That Can Ruin Your Eyelashes!

Bad Habits for Eyelashes

What girl doesn’t dream about having long beautiful eyelashes? As they said, the eyes are the windows to your soul and your eyelashes the perfect complement. The bad news is that some curlers and mascaras can damage your natural eyelashes.

You must keep in mind that your lashes are delicate and soft. If you want long, beautiful eyelashes you need to know how to take good care of them. Here are 7 bad habits that you should stop doing right now to maintain your beautiful lashes perfectly.

1. Not Moisturising

When you moisturise your eyelashes you are preventing them from breakage and helping them grow faster and stronger.

Believe us, if you are not moisturising your lashes you are not taking good care of your eyelashes.

You can use certain oils, such as castor oil or vaseline brand petroleum jelly to naturally moisturize your lash line to keep the hair healthy and reduce breakage.

Not Moisturising Eyelash

To apply it use an old mascara brush, just make sure you clean it first. It is a good idea to do it every night before you go to sleep.

2. Being Harsh

You need to remember that your eyelashes are softer and more delicate than your hair. So when you are rough your eyelashes can fallout. Every time you brush your eyelashes remember to be kind and delicate use a lash comb to separate them.

Being Harsh on Eyelash 2

If you see a mascara clump on the lashes, get a cleaning wipe or a mascara ward and remove it softly.

3. Not Brushing

Not Brushing Your Eyelash

It is important to use a spoolie brush and softly brush your lashes. By doing this you are helping your eyelashes to grow straight instead of turning in different directions as they grow. Besides, it can help them grow longer and it improves lash health.

Brush your eyelashes for just 15 to 20 seconds in the morning.

4. Not Selecting The Right Mascara

As we mentioned before, using the wrong mascara can damage your eyelashes.

You need to look for a mascara that contains vitamins and minerals that will help your eyelashes grow.

TONYMOLY Delight Circle Lens Mascara

A great mascara for beginners or for women who prefer a natural look is Tonymoly Delight Circle Lens Mascara which is available in:

  • Volume Circle. It will add volume to thin eyelashes, creating a more defined and luscious look.
  • Curling and Long Lash Circle. The curled mascara wand naturally lifts and lengthens your lashes.
  • Clear Circle. It is great if you love your natural eyelash color but simply want more definition and natural length.

You can layer them for a more dramatic effect, or just use one coat and enhance your natural beauty.

5. Not Applying or Removing Mascara Correctly

Not Applying Mascara Correctly

To keep your eyelashes healthy and beautiful you need to remove your mascara every night. You have to do it in a downward motion to prevent any damage or to remove any hairs from your lash line.

Only when your eyelashes are clean, you can curl them. Don’t forget to curl them before ever applying mascara to help make them look longer.

Apply mascara in a slight sideways motion to make your lashes look thicker.

6. Using A Bad Quality Curler

If you plan on curling your eyelashes, you need the best curler possible. Avoid buying curlers that have a slippery grip, as they can get caught on your eyelashes and pull them out.

Shu Uemura Eyelash S Curler

The Shu Uemura Eyelash S Curler is perfect. It has a good grip and it fits the curve of the lash line perfectly while giving a smooth curl. It can grab the width of the entire lash line. It comes with an improved silicone pad and patented hinge for long-lasting, genuine-looking curls.

7. Not Replacing The Mascara

Not Replacing Makeup

Even though mascaras expire after 2-3 years it is not wise to use one for that long. Once open, mascaras need to be replaced every 2-3 months.

Every time you apply the mascara it leads to bacterial accumulation in the mascara tube. If you insist on using the mascara for a longer period you are increasing your chance of an eye infection or fallout of lashes.

So don’t forget to change your mascaras in time.

Finally, it is important to learn how to take care of your lashes. If you give them the love they will love you back! Change your eyelashes care routine to get that luscious lashes without much effort.

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