Eyelash S Curler (1pc)

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"An innovative upgrade from your typical eyelash curler."

The Shu Uemura Eyelash S Curler is an impressive upgrade from the classic eyelash curler, with an improved silicone pad and patented hinge for long-lasting, genuine looking curls.

With its ground-breaking design and high performance, this curler effortlessly creates a natural, beautiful curl without any harsh crimped appearances. It has a curved style that allows it to effortlessly fit various eye shapes while also preventing the curler from pinching the skin during use.

Keoji Loves

  • Effortless to use

  • Unique curved design to fit various eye shapes

  • Improved silicone pad to encourage a sweeping curl

  1. Open the curler and position the curler near the roots of lashes.

  2. Squeeze curler gently on the lashes and hold in place for several seconds.

  3. Repeat several times in outward and upward direction to achieve desired curl.

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