Want To Know The Secret Behind K-Pop Idols Flawless Skin?

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Everyone has skin issues, including your favorite K-pop idols. The difference between them and us is that they follow a unique set of skincare habits that allow them to have a flawless complexion.

If you want to know the mystery behind K-pop stars' perfect skin, here at Keoji.com.au, we have brought together some of the most awesome skin care tips you can quickly follow to look as gorgeous as your Korean idols.

1. Double Cleansing

According to EXO's Baekhyun, his most well-kept beauty secret is to wash his face twice a day. He commonly uses both an oil cleanser and a water cleanser to remove impurities, dirt, pollution, and dead skin cells.

One of our favorite Korean oil cleansers is IUNIK Calendula Complete Cleansing Oil, a K-beauty formula with 94% plant oils and the calendula flower extract for highly effective cleansing.

 IUNIK Calendula Complete Cleansing Oil

This oil cleanser removes heavy makeup and sunscreen while preventing blackheads. It leaves the skin moisturised and healthy.

We recommend combining this oil cleanser with SULWHASOO Gentle Cleansing Foam because it takes on a different approach with its gentle and mild formula.

SULWHASOO Gentle Cleansing Foam

The SULWHASOO Gentle Cleansing Foam ensures softer, cleaner, and moisturised skin after use. It's ideal for preventing dryness and dehydration.

2. Face Massage

For Twice's Nayeon, giving herself a face massage is crucial to keep her skin young and healthy. Face massages are effective for helping work skincare products into the skin and relieve stress.

Using a face roller such as THE HISTORY OF WHOO Bichup Gold Anti-Aging Massage Roller awakens your skin's circulation giving your face a lifted effect.

 THE HISTORY OF WHOO Bichup Gold Anti-Aging Massage Roller

The Bichup Gold Anti-Aging Massage Roller is a unique tool made using an 18K gold coating to massage your skin. It's Eco-friendly and nickel-free, suitable for all skin types.

Another fantastic tool for cleaning, exfoliating, and massaging your skin is ETUDE HOUSE My Beauty Tool Exfoliating Jellyfish Silicon Brush. This silicon brush makes your K-beauty skincare routine more fun.

 ETUDE HOUSE My Beauty Tool Exfoliating Jellyfish Silicon Brush

The ETUDE HOUSE My Beauty Tool Exfoliating Jellyfish Silicon Brush is perfect for removing impurities and dead skin cells. It massages your face for increased blood circulation, leading to healthy skin.

3. Moisturiser

K-actress Ha Ji-won reveals that her most important beauty secret to keep her skin healthy is always using a moisturiser. It's crucial to always apply a moisturiser such as COSRX Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Cream after washing your face to restore moisture levels.

 COSRX Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Cream

The COSRX Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Cream is formulated with hyaluronic acid and highly concentrated with hippophae rhamnoides water to nourish dehydrated skin. This intensive cream reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while strengthening the elasticity of your skin.

Actress Ha Ji-won also recommends having a facial mist with you at all times to apply throughout the day. You can try ETUDE HOUSE Moisturising Face Blur, which uses five types of hyaluronic acid to leave the skin feeling supple and hydrated. This facial mist blends effortlessly over the skin with a lovely lavender scent.

 ETUDE HOUSE Moisturising Face Blur

4. Sheet Masks

Did you know that Tzuyu's, from TWICE, layers several sheet masks on top of each other to ensure multiple skincare ingredients are absorbed into her skin? Sheet masks are top-rated in Korea as they make the skin healthier, clear, and flawless.

Sheet masks like COSRX Advanced Snail Mucin Power Sheet Mask promote softer, firmer, and more supple skin.

 COSRX Advanced Snail Mucin Power Sheet Mask

The COSRX Advanced Snail Mucin Power Sheet Mask soothes your skin and improves its elasticity for added strength.

This power sheet mask encourages a healthier complexion and protects against environmental factors.

People who bought the COSRX Advanced Snail Mucin Power Sheet Mask usually include KAO Megrhythm Steam Eye Mask. The KAO Megrhythm Steam Eye Mask is fantastic for relieving stress and tense eyes.

 KAO Megrhythm Steam Eye Mask

This eye mask has a unique heating method that warms up simply by opening with a comfortable 40-degree temperature. It has a soothing lavender scent that relieves and revitalises your eyes immediately.

5. Toner

K-pop idol AOA's Seolhyun confesses that she is a fan of using a hydrating toner after washing her face. Toners are excellent for nourishing skin and seal in moisture after cleansing.

A fantastic option is Aloe Soothing Moist from SECRET KEY Fresh Nature Toner, which maintains the skin hydrated for a long time by supplying moisture quickly in the dry skin with aloe components.

SECRET KEY Fresh Nature Toners are available in five different essences, each designed to address various skin issues. They contain natural ingredients perfect for all skin types. These toners are free from oils and parabens as they're designed not to irritate the skin.

 SECRET KEY Fresh Nature Toners

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