Should You Throw Away Expired Cosmetics?

Expired Cosmetics

Skincare products and cosmetics don't last forever, but when you must stop using them depends on what type of product it is. It's essential to know that makeup is perishable as it usually has an expiration date.

Old beauty products and cosmetics can harm the skin by causing redness, irritation, and inflammation if you're not aware. Korean and Japanese beauty products have an open jar image that illustrates how long they'll last after opening them.

For instance, lipsticks such as PERIPERA Ink The Velvet 4G New should be thrown out approximately twelve months after opening.

PERIPERA Ink The Velvet 4G New

While some foundations and primers, like HEIMISH Artless Glow Base, commonly last up to two years from the date they're opened.

HEIMISH Artless Glow Base

Even though it's challenging to toss makeup and skincare products, they can get contaminated with germs and bacteria.

Keep in mind that over-the-counter products like sunscreens and acne treatments have the expiration date print on the back of the package. Once products are expired, please throw them away immediately.

Unopened skin care products last longer than opened products as they're not exposed to bacteria. We recommend always reading the label carefully to know the specifics of each product. Typically, beauty products and cosmetics that are unopened can last from twelve to thirty-six months.

Once you open the products, you should follow the guidelines and use them as directed promptly, usually within one or two years.

Dermatologists always recommend checking your beauty products and cosmetics. If you notice discoloration, a strange odor, or texture changes, waste no time and throw it away. No exceptions.  

Here are three reasons why you need to throw away your cosmetics when they expire.

1. Lesser Effectivity

When makeup and beauty products get older, most ingredients begin to break down. For example, concealers such as THE SAEM Cover Perfection Tip Concealer SPF28 can lose their coverage power if they have been opened for more than a year.

THE SAEM Cover Perfection Tip Concealer SPF28

This happens with moisturisers and eye creams like INNISFREE Jeju Orchid Eye Cream as they stop working effectively.

INNISFREE Jeju Orchid Eye Cream

2. Risk Of Contamination

It's essential to understand that even unopened cosmetics risk contamination as the preservatives begin to perish. So if you have a secure foundation like COSRX Blemish Cover Cushion in your cosmetic bag for five years, it's in your skin's best interest to throw it out.

 COSRX Blemish Cover Cushion

Please note that some cosmetics have more risks than others. Products such as mascaras, creams, gels, and powders, have a higher chance of contamination because as soon as they're exposed to air, bacteria get in.

3. Expired Cosmetics Can Lead To Infection

Because expired beauty products have a higher risk of contamination, this can cause infection. Skin breakouts and diseases usually result from repeatedly using old cosmetics.

Using old eyeliners, mascaras, and eyeshadows can harm the eye area, causing it to become red, irritated, and inflamed. Also, passed powders can hurt the skin by causing rashes and tiny red spots.

According to beauty experts, there are two essential products that you should discard promptly: liquid foundation and mascara. Remember, once the ingredients are exposed to air, there are bacteria inside the containers. As makeup and beauty products get older, the risk for infection increases.

For instance, it's recommended to invest in a new mascara every 90 days. Mascaras are easily contaminated, causing eye infections such as pink eyes and conjunctivitis.

Cleaning and Sanitising Your Cosmetics

Fortunately, it's possible to clean and sanitise your cosmetics. Experts advise that you sanitise your favorite lipsticks by soaking them in alcohol and removing the top layer. You can clean powder products such as foundations and eyeshadows by spraying 70% alcohol on top. Doing this prevents bacteria from entering. Don't forget to clean and sanitise your brushes and beauty tools as well. This is crucial to stop the risk of infection.

Finally, it's vital to store your cosmetics the right way to prolong their shelf life. Usually, people keep their beauty products in the bathroom, but this is not a good idea. Maintaining your skincare items in a warm and humid place produces mold in old products.

When you're in doubt of when to throw out your cosmetics and skincare products, do it as soon as the colour starts to change or when you perceive a change in texture and smell.

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