The Worst Blush Mistakes To Avoid During Summer & How To Fix Them

The Worst Blush Mistakes To Avoid During Summer & How To Fix Them

Summer is finally here, and even though we love it, these days can quickly emphasize the worst blush mistakes we’re all guilty of making. Hot and humid days can convert our makeup into a sticky disaster. However, it’s possible to prevent this mess by following these simple tips. 

Mistake 1: Using Too Much Blush 

When done right, blush is terrific. It can make you look radiant, warm, tan, and beautiful. Unfortunately, when you use too much, your face can look streaky and smudgy. And we all know that’s not how you want to look. 

Blushes are not supposed to change your natural skin colour; they only need to warm the skin. 

The solution is simple: only apply blush on the bridge nose, cheek apples, and around the hairline. Use highlighter above your cheekbones, eyebrows, and the cupid’s bow to emphasize your facial features. 

Mistake 2: Using the Wrong Colour 

One of the worst mistakes people are guilty of is choosing the wrong colour for their skin tone. The blush needs to match your skin tone and undertone. 

Also, if you have large pores or blemishes, don’t use glittery colours as they highlight the skin problems on your face. 

During summer, follow this guideline: 

  • Fair skins: soft pinks
  • Olive and medium skin tones: peachy warm
  • Dark skin tone: deep red and rosy shades

Mistake 3: Overlooking Temperatures

Many elements affect the quality of your blush, like sweat and heat. It’s vital not to overlook these factors as they can make your makeup disappear by reducing the performance of the products. 

Always apply blush on clean skin and use a light primer such as HEIMISH Artless Glow Base to help your makeup last longer. 

Finish your makeup and apply it whenever you need it ETUDE HOUSE Zero Sebum Drying Powder to prevent makeup transfer while keeping your skin fresh and free of shine. 

Mistake 4: Using the Wrong Formula 

Avoid using the wrong formula for your skin type and weather, as doing so can make your face look older. 

If you have normal or combination skin, it doesn’t matter if you use powders, creams, or liquid formulas. But if you have oily or acne-prone skin, use a powder blush to make your skin less greasy. Those with dry skin always prefer a liquid texture. 

During summer, it’s best to stick with powders as they absorb better sweat and humidity, look less messy, and last longer. 

Mistake 5: Applying Blush in the Wrong Light 

We all stepped outside only to realize how awful our blush looked. You should apply blush near a window to ensure natural light. If that’s not an option, turn on your brightest indoor lighting. 

Best Korean Blushes To Choose From 

Here are some of our best Korean blushes to choose from: 

A’PIEU Juicy-Pang Water Blusher (1PC) $17 

Juicy-Pang Water Blusher from A’PIEU is an excellent option if you want a watercolour effect. It’s available in 12 easy-to-blend shades.

The watery texture provides a soft, dewy finish that gives your face a natural look. 

ROMAND Better Than Cheek (1PC) $17 

A terrific way to brighten your face is ROMAND Better Than Cheek blush. This K-beauty formula comes in 11 shades, ideal for summer. Its powder texture absorbs oil and sweat, making your face look fresh and not heavy for hours. 

People with blemishes or skin flaws should use Better Than Cheek as it gives an airbrush effect.


ETUDE HOUSE Lovely Cookie Blusher (1PC) $18 

Korean favourite brand ETUDE HOUSE offers you this high-quality, affordable blush. The Lovely Cookie Blusher is available in 13 shades, so it’s easier to find the right colour for your skin tone. 

This cute blusher provides a flawless matte finish, so it’s an excellent option for hot and humid weather. 

3CE Blush Cushion (1PC) $38 

3CE Blush Cushion contours and colours with a few dabs. It provides a vibrant, radiant effect. You can choose from six colours, from Coral to Soft Brown. 

The Blush Cushion formula contains aloe vera and coconut oil to hydrate your skin. 

3CE Mood Recipe Face Blush (1PC) $38 

Another excellent option from K-beauty brand 3CE is the Mood Recipe Face Blush. This blush is non-comedogenic and helps control oil production, so it’s a terrific option for summer. 

The Mood Recipe Face Blush adds depth and natural shade to your skin without overdoing it.

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