Cutting Your Own Hair At Home - Here Everything You Should Know

Cutting Your Own Hair At Home – Here’s Everything You Should Know

Even though it’s best to cut your own home with a trained professional hairstylist, we understand that sometimes it’s impossible to get to a hair salon. Hair stylists know how to cut your hair and have the skills and tools to do it perfectly. 

Please note that cutting your hair is not as easy as it might appear; however, if you’re going to do it, here are some tips you should follow: 

  1. Determine if you Really Need a Haircut 

It’s important to determine if you really need a haircut, as there are many ways to change or repair your hair without doing something you can regret. Avoid cutting your hair because you’re stressed, sad, or anxious. 

Before cutting your hair, consider some other options, like growing out your bangs or styling your hair with a ponytail or loose bun. The idea is to experiment without touching the scissors. 

Regular trims are recommended to keep the hair healthier and shinier, especially for people with colour-treated or heat-damaged hair. According to hairstylists, you must cut your hair when split ends appear. 

Split ends are a symptom of damaged hair, and they usually show up until 12 weeks after a haircut. Make sure to cut your hair if your hair is brittle. 

  1. Prepare your Tools 

If you decide you need a haircut, make sure to have everything you need: 

  • Scissors 
  • Hair clips or elastic bands 
  • Comb 

Invest in hair-cutting scissors, as standard scissors can damage your hair. Cutting your hair with sharp blades is vital as achieving clean lines and edges is easier. According to hairstylists, the sharper the scissor, the better result you’ll have. 

  1. Cut your Hair 

Follow these steps to cut your hair at home:

  1. Wet your hair and comb it out. 
  2. Divide your hair into two sections and secure them with hair clips. Always angle your hair from your neck. 
  3. Use two hair clips to determine the length of your hair. Verify that each side is even. 4. Grab the scissors and cut your hair above the clips. 
  4. Next, take out more hair and comb it down. Follow the line where the rest of your hair is to ensure it’s even. 
  5. Repeat the process until all your hair is cut out evenly. 

Make sure to choose the length that you want from the beginning. If it’s your first time trimming your bangs, we strongly advise you only to cut out the ends of your hair. Wait until you can go to a hair salon to try a bold, dramatic, new haircut. 

  1. Invest in Hair Care Treatments 

We recommend investing in hair care treatments if you want your haircut to look better. Hair care products repair and prevent split ends, making your hair healthier, shinier, and more manageable. 

Use protective hair serums to prevent heat damage. Additionally, pamper your hair with masks, hair milk, tonics, and essences at least once or twice a week. These treatments will elongate the time between haircuts and make your new cut look amazing. 

Some of our favourite haircare products are: 

Hair Grows Back 

Remember that less is more when cutting your hair, so take the minimum off. Stay away from going in for a dramatic change. 

But if you take more than you should, don’t worry. Hair grows; that’s the magic.

If you want to support your hair growth, you can use the NINE LESS Breworks Hair Growth Ampoule. This ampoule promotes thicker and healthier hair due to its excellent ingredients: Beer Yeast, Menthol, and Salicylic Acid.


Finally, please don’t take the process too seriously and try it out. If you don’t like how it looks, go to the nearest hair salon to repair what you’ve done.

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