Quick, Simple K-Beauty Makeup Looks That You Can Try

Okay, so you’re a big fan of Korean makeup looks that you just got to try it for yourself. Wondering where to start? We got you covered right here with simple and quick Korean makeup looks that you can do in minutes and still be able to pull it off perfectly on the first try. Check out the looks right here along with our recommendation of suitable products for you to try.

Which Korean Makeup Look Will Be Your First Pick?

No-Makeup Makeup Look

It’s no secret that one of the most famous Korean looks, is their ‘no-makeup’ makeup look. Putting on just the right amount of makeup can make you look fresh and radiant, as well as the routine won’t take up much of your time to pull it off.

The secret is to choose natural shades that complement well with your skin tone and undertones, as well as using light makeup products for the look. Opt for BB creams instead of primers or foundations and keep concealers to the bare minimum. Use tinted lip balms and light blush to complete the whole look and you’re done in like 5 minutes!

Cats Eye

There’s a growing trend of using thick eyeliner and now it evolves into cats’ eye in their makeup look. The twist is, not the bold winged one, but rather a chic and dainty flick.

Adding cats’ eye can certainly amp up your whole look to be visually striking and bold. On top of that, you can wear it without adding any eyeshadows if you so desire. As an additional bonus, you can wear either soft or bold lipstick colors, and it will still complement the whole look.

Gradient Lip

We’re betting that this is one of the most recognised looks in the K-Beauty industry - Gradient Lips. This art form is in fact, originated from South Korea and wearing it gives you a flirty, cute vibe to the whole look. Basically, you use two different colors, with the inner part is where you apply the darker shade while the outer is the lightest one.

Depending on the shades that you use, the gradient effect can be subtle or highly contrasted, which each colour effect can produce different vibes that you’re looking for. For example, the natural and lightweight gradient will give you a sweet and flirty vibe while a bold look is achieved with high contrast gradient (tip: pair with the cat’s eye mentioned previously for stylish and chic look).

If taking two lipsticks anywhere to create the lip gradient effect is a chore, there are gradient lipsticks with various combinations of shades that you can experiment with and some of them include a lip balm in the formula to keep your lips moisturised and supple.


Flushed, healthy-looking cheeks is and always will be one of the signatures look in K-Beauty makeup. This is to achieve a supple, dewy-looking skin like the renowned ‘glass-skin' effect'. Wow, their blusher game is all about showing the vivid colors instead of the subtle swipe at the cheeks that we are used to.

Simply apply a blusher that complements with your skin tone (Korean makeup enthusiasts loves pinks and corals for their blushers) at the apple of your cheeks and blend the color in a circular motion, moving slightly towards the temple. Add more until you get an obvious color payoff. That’s it!

These K-Beauty makeup looks are so easy that you can practice and pull it off after a couple of tries. Why not add these into your makeup routine to jazz up your day?!?!

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