The Biggest Korean Makeup Trends of 2019 So Far

Glass Skin

South Korean beauty ideals still revolve around flawless skin, as they have done for decades (perhaps even centuries). If you're not familiar with the term "glass skin", the trend is all about creating the illusion of poreless, dewy, almost doll-like skin. The aim is to have glowing skin that almost resembles a shining, reflective glass. 

Most K-Beauty gurus and Korean idols alike agree that achieving glass skin starts with a great skincare routine. Giving your skin a little bit of love every day can be super beneficial in the long run. However, the complete look usually needs a little bit of assistance from makeup - which is totally nothing to be ashamed about!

Both pore blurring primers and cushion foundations help you to achieve the smooth and almost photoshopped finish, whilst a liquid or cream highlighter finishes off the glassy and reflective part of the look.

Glitter Eyeshadow

Glittery eyelids are a great way to make a bold statement with your makeup, especially when you're short on time. The looks you can create with a liquid glitter eyeshadow can range from subtle and feminine, to bold and colourful. There's a whole world of glitters out there (and we love them all)!

A reminder, though, to only use glitters or glitter products approved for cosmetic use around the eyes. We know it's tempting, but please don't put craft glitter or other chunky glitters near your eyes, we don't want them getting hurt! Fine cosmetic glitter is perfectly okay to put on your eyelids, though. <3

Puppy Dog Eyeliner

Puppy Dog Eyeliner - or simply Puppy Liner - has long been a favourite amongst Asian beauty fans. Whilst Western makeup trend typically focus on making the individual maturer or sexier, Asian makeup trends tend to focus on highlighting innocence, youthfulness, and purity. Thus, the Puppy Liner trend was born. 

All it involves, really, is changing the direction of your flick. Where you might usually flick the eyeliner upwards to create a traditional cat eye, instead flick the liner down towards your cheekbones. This creates a more rounded eye look and makes you cuter rather than sexier!

The look can be created with both liquid/gel eyeliner or pen eyeliner, depending on how crisp and sharp you like your lines.

Under Eye Blush

As we've said above, a lot of Asian makeup and beauty trends focus on creating or maintaining a look of innocence and youthfulness. Under eye blush simulates the look of an innocent yet flirty blush (some people say they think it resembles how you might look after you've cried, but that's awfully sad, so we prefer the first one).

The under eye blush trend is likely the easiest to replicate on this list, as it really only involves placing blush...well...under your eyes. Ta-da! You're done! Really, the only "hard" part about this trend is finding the best colour to match your skintone and natural flush.

It's a super easy way to achieve the cute Korean Beauty look you're after!

Gradient Lips

Oh gradient lips, how we love you so. 

There are so many ways to jump on the gradient lip trend, both in terms of products and actual styles. There's lip tints, lipsticks, and lip glosses. Then there's lollipop style lips, classic reverse ombre lips, dark gradients, light gradients, matte, glossy, and everything in between!

No matter what style you decide to do or what product you decide to use, the key to achieving this look is to apply most of the product on the inside of your lips and then spread it to the edges of your lips - this is what creates that gorgeous gradient look. 


What's your favourite Korean Makeup trend? Is there something we missed? Let us know in the comments down below!

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