How to achieve a perfect Korean lip look

Koreans appreciate makeup products that make them look natural and that give them the ‘no makeup, makeup’ look. The main focus is on the skincare products and making skin look flawless. When it comes to lips Koreans prefer their lips to look soft and juicy, like they've just sucked on a lollipop. Korean women have mastered lush, juicy pout. But, with the right application and suitable cosmetics, you can achieve this look too!

To be able to achieve perfect lip look, you should first make sure that your lips are properly hydrated. This will ensure that lipstick doesn't grab onto dry patches and applies smoothly. A good way to keep your lips hydrated at all times is to use Laneige Lip sleeping mask.

Once a week you should exfoliate your lips. You could use a gentle lip scrub or exfoliate your lips with a towel after a shower. Your lips will feel softer and look more appealing.

To achieve Korean lip look you should apply lipstick color to the center of your lips then blend it in with your fingers. Choose colors that will make your lips look healthy and full like bright pink, rose, red or coral orange. You can apply lipstick to the center of your lips with a small brush, then use the tip of your finger to warm up the lipstick and blend it into your lips.

If you prefer the color that lasts longer you should opt for a lip tint. It will give your lips a color that won't come off easily without drying your lips out. Apply three dots of lip tint on your bottom lip with the applicator and two dots on your upper lip. Press your lips together and move them lightly against each other to blend the lip tint and spread it evenly. To make your lips look even bigger and juicier apply a thin layer of a clear gloss on top.

Alternatively, you can use a cream blush as a lip color. The creamy and lightweight consistency of blush will make your lips look bouncy while giving them a realistic flush. This will also allow you to match the color of your lips with the color of your blush, which will make you look more natural.

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