Oh, Honey: The Benefits of Honey in Skincare

The beauty industry is abuzz with love for honey, and for good reason, too. Whilst the Western skincare industry is just learning about the numerous uses of this buzz-worthy ingredient, the South-Korean skincare industry has known and loved it for years already. It really is the queen bee of ingredients!

Okay, sorry, enough bee puns.

With countless benefits such as antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-ageing properties, we're not surprised that honey is becoming all the rage. In fact, usage of honey to treat skin concerns dates all the way back to Ancient Egypt, where it's thought that Cleopatra used milk and honey masks to achieve her notoriously beautiful complexion.

Want to know exactly how honey can help your skin?

  1. Honey is antibacterial: Honey blasts acne-causing bacteria to help keep your skin clear and blemish free!

  2. Honey is anti-inflammatory: There are so many reasons your skin could be inflamed; over-exfoliation, cold winter winds, sensitive skin reacting to harsh products. Honey helps soothe them all! It reduces redness and irritation to help your skin return to its normal, healthy state.

  3. Honey is anti-ageing: Honey is packed full of goodies that help slow down the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It's a collagen booster, which means it can help your skin stay looking youthful and remain its elasticity!

  4. Honey is a mild exfoliant: If your skin is feeling a little dry or dull, honey contains enzymes which gently break down and remove dead skin cells, revealing new healthier, more radiant skin.

  5. Honey is a wound healer: Honey is an antiseptic, and is sometimes used to treat burn victims as it provides protection against infections!

Want to know what all the buzz is about? Here are our top picks for skincare products containing honey:

COSRX Ultimate Moisturising Honey Overnight Mask

This super moisturising sleeping mask contains 85% propolis extract and natural beeswax. What's best is that it's great for all skin types, as it's not greasy or made of harsh chemicals! The calming properties of propolis help with redness and irritation, whilst beeswax hydrates your skin, leaving it smooth and supple the next morning.

Benton Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel

This awesome combination of two skincare powerhouses - aloe vera and propolis - is a master at soothing all sorts of redness and irritation. This all natural gel is great at cooling down hot and inflamed skin, and helps your skin absorb and trap moisture, leaving it feeling silky smooth and hydrated.

Mediheal x BTS BTS21 Face Point Mask RJ Set

This collaboration between Mediheal and international sensation BTS comes in 7 different types. The RJ set contains tea tree oil and propolis to help calm irritated and stressed skin. These point masks work like a sheet mask, except they are designed to target specific skin areas, so they're awesome if you have combination skin or specific areas that are problematic!

Have you ever used honey skincare products? If you have, let us know your favourite one in the comments below!

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