Makeup Tutorial To Look Like A Korean High School Girl

Makeup Tutorial To Look Like A Korean High School Girl

Korean high school students have a daily makeup routine to look flawless. The key is to enhance their youthful and dewy skin. K-beauty cosmetics are natural, lightweight, and good for the skin. 

To understand the Korean high school girl makeup trend, look at K-pop actresses like Kim So Hyun, Won Jin Ah, and ShYe-eunEun.

Here we will show you how to get back to school with style like your favourite Korean idols. 

1. Moisturise your Skin

Koreans are well-known for their glass skin. That’s why they follow a beauty routine to keep their skin hydrated so they can apply less foundation and look more natural. It’s crucial to moisturise your skin in the morning and night. 

If you lack time, you can use hydrating sunscreen instead of a moisturiser to simultaneously moisturise and protect the skin. You can try MISSHA All-Around Safe Block Soft Finish Sun Milk

MISSHA All-Around Safe Block Soft Finish Sun Milk contains SPF50+ PA+++. It provides a fresh skin texture as it has a stabilizing method of no sebum powder. This K-beauty formula protects the skin from free radicals. 

2. Eye Makeup

Start by shaping your eyebrows naturally. You need to add shape and fill in gaps with an eyebrow pencil like INNISFREE Auto Eyebrow Pencil

INNISFREE Auto Eyebrow Pencil comes in seven shades to define and shape your eyebrows to perfection. This pencil has a smooth texture that simulates eyebrow hair. 

Remember, that Korean eye makeup trend combines matte, shimmer, and glitter. So for your eyeshadows, follow this:

  • Apply a neutral base colour to the eyelids and lower eyelash line.  
  • Then choose a shimmer shade for the middle and inner corners of the eyes. Make sure to apply a tiny amount if you want to emphasize your eyes naturally. 
  • Finally, apply a brown tone near the upper lash line. 

For eyeshadow, one of our favourites is ROMAND Better Than Palette. This palette is suitable for beginners as it allows you to create different looks. Its long-lasting formula is perfect for colour layering as it has smooth and bold shades. 

After, curl your eyelashes with SHU UEMURA Eyelash Curler and emphasize your eyelashes with some mascara like ROMAND Han All Fix Mascara


We recommend using ETUDE HOUSE Dr. Mascara Fixer Lash to keep your eyelashes looking cute and beautiful all day. The Dr. Mascara Fixer is a Korean formula that offers flawless curls, more volume, and a waterproof solution. 

Don’t forget eyeliner to create a profound effect. Apply the eyeliner from the outer corner of the eyelid and gently distribute the product to the middle. Then use a spoolie brush and blend the eyeliner with the eyeshadow. 

TONY MOLY Back Gel Eyeliner Long Brush is a top Korean seller due to its long-lasting vegan formula. This eyeliner is perfect for beginners as it gives you control and precision. If you’re a fan of glitter, it offers a matte or shimmer finish. 

3. Apply Foundation 

If you want a dewy finish, applying foundation is an excellent idea. Start using a primer like HEIMISH Artless Glow Base to set your base. Then lay foundation over your face and neck. Finish your look by applying a setting powder such as INNISFREE No Sebum Moisture Powder to make your makeup last longer.



You should prefer a foundation with a clear finish like PEACH C Honey Glow Cover Cushion. This foundation provides a golden-honey appearance and high coverage. The best feature about this foundation is it’s easy to apply and doesn’t leave a greasy or cakey look.


4. Blush

If you want to achieve the rosy-cute appearance of Korean high school girls, apply a deep pink blush like Grapefruit Jelly from ETUDE HOUSE Lovely Cookie Blusher. Brush the blush from your cheekbones to your eyelids. For best results, gently tap the product with your fingers. 


5. Lips

Fuller, healthy lips are very trendy among teenagers in South Korea. To achieve this look:

    1. Conceal the edges of your lips with THE SAEM Cover Perfection Tip Concealer.
    2. Choose a pink or brown lipstick and apply it to the centre of your lips.
    3. Spread it with a brush or your fingers to create gradient, fuller lips. 

If Rose from ROMAND Dewyful Water Tint is a complimentary colour for an everyday look. Due to its creamy formula, this lip tint offers a dewy, gentle finish. Lips look natural, healthier, and younger with the Dewyful Water Tint

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