Learn To Do K-Pop Lashes Like a Professional

Having thin lashes is the ultimate trend in K-Beauty. These days, people in Korea prefer lashes with not much volume. No more false lashes. You want them to look really thin. To achieve this look, all you need is to give your lashes an impressive curl and evenly coating them with mascara.

You want your eyes to have a widening effect with more space between each lash. Remember to get the straight lashes Koreans usually have don’t forget to curl them downward.

How to Get Naturally Long Eyelashes

Step 1 Use a Foundation

Use an eye shadow that is just one tone darker than your natural skin color as your foundation. This will make your eye look bigger while still maintaining the natural look.

For this, you can use Etude Look at My Eyes New. They are single eye shadows that are available in matte and satin finishes.

Step 2 Use a Thin Black Eyeliner

The second step is to use black eyeliner. Keep in mind, that you need to line your eyes as close to the natural line as possible. To give your lashes a more natural look I recommend you pull out the end of the line.

To achieve this look you can use Etude House Drawing Eye Brow New. They are easier to use than a gel liner and they give a perfect thin line. 

Step 3 Get that Big Eyes Look

If you love K-Pop culture you know they love that big like eyes. To help your eyes get bigger, just draw a thin small line in the middle of your waterline. You want to create a soothing contrast with the black eyeliner.

Step 4 Time For The Mascara

Now it is time, for that thin K-Pop Lashes. Remember, you are looking for a lot of length and separation, with not a lot of volume. You have to make sure the lashes are not too long as you want a natural look. To achieve the whole babyface that you love in Korea people you need your eyelashes with no volume.

Ok, the first step would be to curl your lashes really well. To do this you need a good eyelash curl like Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, and make sure you start from the roots and keep pumping the curler as you move your hand down. Remember, move your hand down, not up.

After your eyes are well curled apply one or two coats of mascara. TonyMoly Delight Circle Lens Mascara will be your best option to achieve this look. Don’t do more than two coats, and pay attention to getting each lash.

But not all K-Idols go for thin lashes, Nana, for example, likes more volume in her eyelashes. To get her to look you can use Etude House Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara and also start by curling your eyelashes very well. The only difference is that this time you need to swipe the mascara focusing on the roots.

Now you are ready to kill it with those long thin eyelashes!

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