6 Must-Try J-Beauty Trends of 2019

J-Beauty, more often known as Japanese beauty, has been continuously evolving over the last 1,200 years and continues to advance in leaps and bounds. Today’s J-Beauty is a mix of the traditional Japanese looks in combination with the modern Japanese looks.

For example, what once was the kimono has now turned into the more modern version that is fashion-forward. This is just one example of the many where the traditional Japanese styles have evolved into what is seen as J-Beauty today.

However, J-Beauty is not all about fashion in the clothing sense, but it also surrounds what is known as ‘Kawaii’ fashion. This fashion is a skincare and makeup routine that includes dewy and bright skin as well as double eyelids. There are some very distinct aspects of Kawaii fashion that are identifiable in J-Beauty.

What Exactly is J-Beauty?

J-Beauty is similar to Korean Beauty in that it has a large focus on both physical health and skin health. J-Beauty has produced some of the most amazing and popular skincare regiments and formulas in the world and is highly esteemed for its beauty products.

When it comes to beauty, J-Beauty emphasizes a few distinct features: white and light skin, petite figures, v-shaped face, and large eye appearance.

Like Korean beauty, there are a lot of different varieties of J-Beauty whether they be gothic, girly, Kawaii, or more.

Top 6 J-Beauty Trends of this Year

J-Beauty trends are constantly evolving, so if you are a fan of J-Beauty, it is important to stay knowledgeable about the most recent trends. Because of this, below are the top 6 J-Beauty trends of 2019 that people are loving.

1. The More Kawaii, the Better

Kawaii is a form of J-Beauty that surrounds cuteness and daintiness. It is a subculture of J-Beauty that brings together various forms of art, technology, and food from around the world to incorporate into the fashion. Within Kawaii, however, there are also four different forms: ugly cute, grotesquely cute, creepy cute, and erotic cute. You must first find what area of Kawaii fashion you are drawn to the most and play around with the styles within that area of fashion and beauty.

Perfectly White Skin

One major trend in Japanese beauty is known as ‘Bihaku' or ‘beautifully white'. Because of this, it is often a thing in Japanese beauty to strive for white and pale skin that is flawless and unblemished. In J-Beauty, there are a few ways to get this pristine pale skin. One such way is to carry an umbrella or a hat to cover your skin from the sun's rays. Another way in which to achieve pristine doll-like skin is to try a whitening product sold within the realm of K-Beauty. One product that can help to hydrate and protect your skin is the Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid Lotion that retails at just $22. This formula will not only hydrate your skin but will give you that perfect base for white and flawless skin.

3. Skin that is Dewy and Bright

Along with white and pale skin, those who follow Japanese Beauty trends also strive to make their skin look as dewy and bright as they can. In all of J-Beauty trends and fashion, you want to make your skin look happy and healthy. If you plan to follow skincare routines from J-Beauty, these are some of the top methods they follow:

-Take Vitamin E Supplements for Even Complexion

-Use Facial Oils to Retain Moisture in Your Skin

-Be Sure to Cleanse, Moisturize, and Tone Your Skin Daily

One product that is in the realm of J-Beauty that can help you to achieve perfectly clean and dewy skin is the Senka Perfect Cleansing Foam. This foam comes in three different varieties and retails at just $13. Its formula is meant to clear your skin and leave it looking clear and flawless.

4. Double Your Eyelids and Widen Your Eyes

Recently, there has been a shift in J-Beauty towards large, innocent, and questioning looking eyes. This is achieved through both doubling your eyelids and making your eyes look bigger. While many people who strive to achieve the Japanese beauty standards will get a medical procedure done to give them that double eyelid, there are other ways to get it. For example, for those that do not wish to undergo surgery, they choose to use eyelid tape or glue sold by Japanese companies to give the illusion of a double eyelid. To widen your eyes, you can either use contact lenses of your own eye color or of unique and cute designs that stand out. One product that can help to give you the illusion of larger eyes is curling your lashes. One set of lash curlers is sold by Keoji for just $28 and will make your eyes look wider and bigger.

5. Make Your Head Look Small and Your Nose High

In many Asian countries, a small head is viewed as ideal. Because of this, Japanese beauty trends often veer towards V-shaped faces and the illusion of a sharp and pointy jawline. You can achieve this through various makeup techniques, though not everyone has that exact face shape. Along with a small head, another Japanese beauty trend is to make your note appear delicate and girly by having a high-bridged nose. J-beauty sells and markets various beauty tools and regiments to give you the appearance of a high-bridged and delicate nose.

6. Longer and Darker Hair

Since Japanese beauty values healthy skincare and physical care, they view long and silky hair as being a sign of healthiness. While all haircuts and styles are considered to be beautiful J-Beauty values the darker hair colors such as brown or black as well as the longer hairstyles because they are a sign of nobility and health.


J-Beauty is very similar to K-Beauty in that it has specific trends, skincare, and physical care that all who follow it strive to achieve. J-Beauty, or Japanese beauty, has evolved over the previous centuries to become what it is today and has enveloped a lot of characteristics across cultures and countries.

 The trends in Japanese beauty are constantly moving and shifting, so if you are a fan of the Japanese beauty trends and want to follow them, you must have the proper knowledge of what is popular at that time. For example, J-Beauty trends that were on the rise in 2018 are not the same as they are now. 

 In 2019, some very distinct J-Beauty trends have rose to the top including long and dark hair, small heads, high noses, big eyes, dewy skin, pale skin, and Kawaii. Through all of these beauty trends, you can see what makes up J-Beauty and what people are following this very year.

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