K-Beauty Eye Brows Made Simple - 5 Easy Steps

Korean beauty is all about having natural, straight, full brows that give you a youthful appearance.

Korean drama stars such as Kim Hee Sun and Go Jun Hee are the perfect examples of how you can transform your look into a beauty queen without the need to resort to surgery.

 Kim Hee Sun

Eyebrows are always the centre of any K-beauty conversation. They are responsible for one-third of the whole facial expression.  So, if you want to shape and define your eyebrows like actress Kim Hee Sun keep reading.

If you want to get these Korean Celeb Eyebrows the easiest way to do it is to go to your local salon and have them threaded or waxed. You can bring photos of your favourite K-drama stars as a guide to get your desired eyebrow shape. You can bring magazines of your favourite Korean Celebrities or just download a picture to your phone. By doing this you can be sure they know what you are looking for.

But if you are more of a DIY kind of person here are five easy steps to get the Korean brows you want!

Step 1 Groom your Brows

brow grooming

The first step is to groom your brows. To do it all you need is a brow brush or a clean mascara wand and brush your brows upward. Trim the excess hair lengths from your eyebrows. It is important to do this as it will help you create your ideal brow shape.

Be careful and do not over trim!

Step 2 Shape

Tweeze Eyebrow

The second step is to create that ideal shape. As I mentioned before, for inspiration you can take a look at your favourite Korean celebrity´s pictures to keep in mind your goal. Remember, your goal is a straight, full brow.

To get a full and straight brow to take your tweezer or brow shaver and go around your eyebrows.

Step 3 Brush your brows up

Brush Your Eye Brow Up

This step is very important for your brow routine, no matter what look you are going for. You need to brush your brow hairs upwards to identify the sparse areas where you want to apply products.

The best way to do it is by using a brow or lash brush. To begin just comb your hairs upwards, don’t forget to place brow hairs exactly where you want them.

It is important to create the most realistic-looking hairs. To do it you don’t want to fill in your brows with one single strike of any product. Try Etude House Drawing Eyebrow New. The goal here is tiny hairlike strokes. Use small flicking motions in the direction your hair grows.

Step 4 Define the Brow

Korean eyebrows are natural as you can see on many K-drama stars actresses such as Angelababy Yang. You want them to look like your brows, just a little bit fuller.


Use a product that will allow you to lightly define your brows by filling in sparse areas without using too much colour.

You can also use brow powder to start filling in sparse areas on your brow. You will notice that the tail end and the front of your brow are the two areas that you will need to fill in more.

If you want to add more dimension, use a darker shade in those areas that might need more attention. This helps creates a fuller and more structured brow.

Don’t overextend the tail of your brow. If you overextend the tail of your brows you will create a droopy effect, and your face will look sad. Follow your natural eyebrows curve as they stop at a place that lifts your face up and out. 

If you need help to know where your brow needs to end, just place a brow pencil diagonally at your nostrils and line it up with the side of your eye. You can extend your brow without looking fake until the pencil hits your brow bone.

Step 5 Finish your K-Beauty Brow Look

To finish up their natural brow look Korean actresses Park Shin Hye and Seo Hyun Ji Won simply use eyebrow gel, swiping it through their brows.

Start at the very front, then make your way to the tail end of the brow. It is key to brush the hairs upward, to help your brows get that natural, fluffy and full eyebrow shape that we all love.

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