K-FASHION Style - The Easy Way

Korean beauty is taking over the world, and now K-fashion has started to grow and influence how we dress. Korean clothes are all about colors and unique accessories.

Fashion girls in Korea are inspired by streetwear on one level or another. So if you want their impeccable style keep reading as I am going to share with you the nine best Korean fashion trends to get that desired K-Pop style!

1. Oversized Cardigans

Oversized Women Cardigan

Oversized cardigans are a must-have item and are coming back with strength. Using an oversized fit makes you look relaxed and casual but most importantly super cute without sacrificing comfort.

You will be warm but at the same time fresh.

Use this fashion item in a versatile outfit combination. To help you get inspire use it with biker shorts, chinos, and flowery skirts too.

2. Sneakers with Ankle Socks

Sneakers with Ankle Socks

When the sneakers appeared on the fashion scene, we were wondering how much the trendiness would last. Surprisingly the trend of sneakers lasted, and it is still strong. Now Korean girls are adding one more element ankle socks.

You could see this combination of high ankle socks and sneakers everywhere in Korea especially between fashion influencers and bloggers.

Sneakers are comfortable and now they are considered fashionable footwear that is appropriate for all styles.

Korean fashion trends use this combination with any outfit, even with more elegant ones. If you can watch the Seoul Fashion Week you will see they were used on shorts, vest outfits, neon skirts, and training pants.

3. Broaches

Women with Brooches

When you think about K-fashion you need to think of accessories. You might be thinking about jewelry, sunglasses, hats, silk scarves, etc, but Korean fashion goes one step further as it uses broaches to level up their outfit.

You can use broaches over denim jackets and backpacks, they just create a sense of luxury and opulence.

4. Bucket Hats

Women with Bucket Hat

If you want to achieve the famous Hongdae style look you need the essentials which are baggy pants, crop tops, sneakers, and bucket hats.

In Korea to achieve a hip hop look they use, besides the baggy pants, a bucket hat. And while they are a great way to complement any look, they will also give you some kind of sun protection during the hot and sunny summer weather in Australia.

5. Biker Shorts

Women in Biker Short

It is summertime in Australia so it is the perfect time to use the popular biker shorts. Biker shorts come in different lengths and colors. Everyone is using them since they made a comeback thanks to reality star Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Yeezy collection.

They enter the Korean fashion scene as one of the top Summer trends for 2019. All fashion brands have promoted biker shorts as part of their collections.

6. Ruffle Tops

Women in Ruffle Top

Korean girls go over the top and bold with their fashion. Ruffle tops may seem intimidating, but they are versatile and work well with what you already own. You can combine them with skirts, pants, jeans, and layered with dresses or sweaters.

When you wear a ruffle top you will feel feminine as they create such a pretty movement that flows with you.

7. Floral Shirt for Boys

Floral Shirt for Men

Since summer is all about colors, flowers, and beach vibes, a fashion trend among Korean boys is the use of floral-Hawaiian style shirts. This type of shirt is perfect for surviving the hot temperatures of summer.

8. All beige

Women All Beige Clothing

Korean fashion has a special accent on the beige tones. Beige is a neutral, clean, and universal color. The best thing about it is that is never out of style so you can always be fashionable.

Korean women have an impeccable skin tone which connects well with this shade. You can wear this popular color from head-to-toe. Your look will look modern and at the same time safe and you can combine it with different clothing pieces.

Korean fashionistas use this trendy color in dresses, shorts, and t-shirts and matching footwear.

9. Hair Accessories

Finally, a Korean look is not finished without the use of excessive hair accessories. You need to be generous with how many clips you use, don’t hold back. Remember, to mix-matching them with other clips, to create a really fun design.

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