Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Serum 50ml

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"A skin repair miracle!"

With a unique snail mucin formula, the SOME BY MI Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Serum is the perfect addition for those with skincare routines focused on brightening their skin and reducing visible signs of ageing. The snail mucin regenerates skin cells while the Truecica, a fortifying agent, soothes your skin and refines its texture for a youthful look.

Anyone with sensitive skin that often gets irritated by many skin care products need not worry with the SOME BY MI Snail Truecica, which is free of 20 harmful ingredients, and, therefore, safe for virtually everyone to use. As is regenerates your skin cells, it also soothes your skin and reinforces the skin barrier, simultaneously.

If you're desperate to eradicate signs of acne, scarring, and other dark/noticeable blemishes, try using the SOME BY MI Snail Truecica as part of your skincare routine - it truly is a skin repair miracle!

Keoji Loves

  • Snail mucin formula

  • Regenerates skin cells

  • Soothes skin texture

  • Combats signs of ageing

  • Removes blemishes with a non-sticky result

  • Free of 20 harmful ingredients - ideal for sensitive skin

  • This is a Mucin essence, which contains 89% of Snail Truecica™, which provides powerful skin energy through the combination of self-sustaining black Snail and SOMEBYMI's own Truecica technique, so it calms skin sensitive to external irritation and stress
  • After cleansing and toning, apply serum all over your face and let it absorb.

Cellulose gum, Styrene Isoprene Styrene Block Copolymer, Polysobutylene, Petroleum Resin, Polyurethane Film, Liquid Paraffin, Tetrakis Methane.

Ingredients subject to change at manufacturer's discretion. For the most complete and up-to-date list of ingredients, please refer to product packaging.


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