Calendula Acnes Anti-Bacteria Spot Dressing

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"Speed up acne spot healing"

It's time to heal your acne and protect your skin from further irritation with these Japanese Skincare Patches: Calendula Acnes Anti-Bacteria Spot Dressing by Rohto Mentholatum. The J-Beauty design of these patches is used to speed up the drying and healing of your acne spots, accelerating the process by absorbing the sebum and pus inside.

The Calendula Acnes Anti-Bacteria Spot Dressing by Rohto Mentholatum can be applied on a dry, cleansed face, with various sized patches for different spots. Once the patch absorbs the secretion, it will change colour to indicate the process to you. It's a quick and effective way to make sure your acne is healed properly and stays away, forming a protective barrier to prevent infection and inflammation - two common side effects of acne.

Use these Calendula Acnes Anti-Bacteria Spot Dressing by Rohto Mentholatum to cope with your acne in a more efficient and healthy way. Their waterproof and breathable design makes it much easier to take proper care of your skin. 

J-Beauty Loves

  • Waterproof & breathable patch design

  • Helps speed up drying + healing of acne spots

  • Absorbs sebum & pus

  • Forms a protective barrier

  • Prevent infection & inflammation

How To Use

  1. Clean the face and gently dry out the acne area.

  2. Remove the acne sticker with the included convenient clip and attach it to the acne.

  3. Press gently with your finger for 3-5 seconds to strengthen the fixing effect.

  4. When the acne patch changes from transparent to white, it means that the acne secretion has been absorbed.

  5. Replace acne stickers instantly.

  6. It is recommended to use each acne patch for no more than 12 hours.

  7. It needs to be used on dry skin to ensure its sticking function.


Hydrophilic hydrogel, Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), Chlorthexidine diacetate, Polyurethana, Calendula

Ingredients subject to change at manufacturer's discretion. For the most complete and up-to-date list of ingredients, please refer to product packaging.


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