Prepare Silk Made Cotton Pad (70pcs)

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"Velvety soft and incredibly effective!"

*Important* - Multiple packaging type of the same product. Old packaging type will be sent until stock can no longer be sourced.

The Japanese Cosmetic product: Shiseido Prepare Silk Made Cotton Pad will reinvent the way you remove makeup with their lint-free and velvety soft design. The thick and pliant sheets easily remove makeup or nail polish with only 2 or 3 pads, therefore reducing wastage, time, and money spent.

These Shiseido Prepare Silk Made Cotton Pad can also be used to effectively apply toner or lotions as well as removing excess substances, thanks to the resilient texture. The natural silk-made cotton has a significant advantage over other cotton pads as it gently glides around on your skin.

Feel more convenient and efficient by using the Shiseido Prepare Silk Made Cotton Pad when applying or removing makeup products. With no phosphors or additives, your skin will thank you for it in the long run.

J-Beauty Loves

  • Lint-free with a velvety feeling

  • Applies toners or lotions

  • Gentle and effective

  • No phosphors or additives

  • Feels soft and comfortable

    For skin toner:

    1. Soak pad in toner of choice.
    2. Use to wipe forehead, chin, cheeks and any other areas you wish to apply the toner.
    3. Continue with skin care regimen.

      Shiseido is a well-known Japanese brand that has been available commercially for over 147 years and is known for its skin care, makeup and perfume ranges.  It has announced its keen to establish J-Beauty as a leading skin care rival to K-Beauty which has overtaken the world and established Koreans as being at the forefront of the skin care innovation.

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