1/3 Cotton Pad (160pc)

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"Thin yet highly absorbent cotton pads"

These thin yet highly absorbent 1/3 Cotton Pads by Pyunkang Yul comprise a special kbeauty sponge pulp design, lint-free and the perfect way to apply liquid solutions to your skin. The primary purpose of these cotton pads is to help you be more efficient, prevent wastage, and save your toner by preventing excessive absorption.

The 1/3 Cotton Pads by Pyunkang Yul come in a pack of 160pcs. In addition to applying skincare solutions, they are also useful as a face mask by first soaking it in essence or toner and then applying it as a face mask to your skin.

Its outstanding absorption and easy-to-spread design make the 1/3 Cotton Pads by Pyunkang Yul an essential tool for anyone seeking a more efficient way to apply their skincare products.

Keoji Loves

  • Sponge pulp material
  • Lint-free design
  • Easy to spread
  • Prevents wastage
  • Thin yet highly absorbent
  • Useful as a face mask (soak in essence/toner)
  • Transfer liquid solution to your skin more effectively
  • After washing face, apply 1/3 amount of toner than usual onto the cotton pads. Gently wipe your face.
  • (Or apply toner to cotton pads and use it like mask sheets.)

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