Look Super Trendy In Sleek Ponytail: Simple Tricks To Look Like Your Favourite K-Pop Idol

Look Super Trendy In Sleek Ponytail: Simple Tricks To Look Like Your Favourite K-Pop Idol

K-pop idols like BLACKPINK’s Jennie, RED VELVET’s Irene, and TWICE’s Momo are well-known for their trendy, chic ponytails. Ponytails are the perfect hairstyle to keep the hair off the face and necks, particularly during summer. Plus, they help hide greasy roots and split ends.

Unfortunately, constantly wearing ponytails can damage hair and sometimes even cause hair loss. However, our favourite Korean hairstylists tell us a few simple tricks for keeping your ponytail chic while preventing hair and scalp damage. 

1. Make your Ponytail Fuller

If you want your ponytail to look fierce like MAMAMOO’s Hwasa, you need to make it look fuller.

How? Easy, instead of one ponytail, try two. You must bundle one on top of the other and add a volumizer hair product such as NINE LESS Magic Nine Rich Hair Volume Balm.

The Magic Nine Rich Hair Volume Balm makes your hair look full and healthy. After towel drying, apply a small amount and carefully massage the hair. Then dry your hair in medium heat with a blow dryer.

Once your hair is dry, carefully divide your hair into two parts and place a hair band on the top section. Next, grab the rest of your hair with a rubber band. Make sure to align both ponytails perfectly. Once you finish, tease the upper ponytail to add more volume. 

Both ponytails should be a little bit fluffy. Your goal is to make your hair look natural. Finally, you can add hairspray to make your hairstyle look terrific all day long. 

2. Brush your Hair 

According to Korean hairstylists, there is a correct way to brush your hair to achieve a perfect ponytail. 

Finger comb your hair if you prefer a messy ponytail. But if your goal is a sleek ponytail, you must apply a serum like MISE EN SCENE Perfect Styling Serum.

MISE EN SCENE Perfect Styling Serum is the perfect addition to your hair care routine because it eliminates frizz and static, allowing you to achieve a chic ponytail.

Make sure to brush the hair in the ponytail’s direction for a smooth hairstyle. 

Keep in mind that wet hair is weak, so always brush your hair once it’s dry, and never tie it up if it’s not fully dry.

3. Secure your Hair with Bobby Pins

K-pop idols such as ITZY’s Yeji use bobby pins to secure their hair and prevent their ponytails from falling. 

You need two bobby pins to keep your hair pulled up if you want a high ponytail. To hide the pins, place them under the rubber band. This simple trick takes less than two minutes and is super practical. 

4. Experiment with Hair Extensions

Achieving the perfect high ponytail when you have thin and greasy hair is challenging. That’s why don’t be afraid to experiment with hair extensions. Hair extensions are probably the best-kept secret of your favourite K-pop idols. 

Finding the right hairstylist and product is imperative if you want to try this technique. 

Make sure to use hair extensions that match your hair colour and texture. It’s best to use virgin hair extensions as they’re made with natural hair. Synthetic extensions are good options, but they don’t look as flawless as natural hair.

You can also use clip-ins to add volume to your high ponytail quickly. 

5. Keep your Hair and Scalp Healthy

If you’re constantly using ponytails, keeping your hair and scalp healthy is vital. Ponytails can cause hair breakage, split ends, and even permanent hair loss. We recommend switching between high ponytails and loose styles. 

It’s best to wear your hair down while sleeping to allow your scalp to recover. To prevent frizz and breakage, prefer silk or satin pillowcases. 

We recommend KAO Essential CC Hair Milk Treatment to improve hair health dramatically.

KAO Essential CC Hair Milk Treatment is a J-beauty leave-in formula that restores damaged strands while stopping frizz for a beautiful result. This hair treatment is non-greasy and leaves the hair manageable. 

Remember to always be gentle around your hairline, as this area is where your hair is the weakest. Leave the front of your hair looser whenever possible to prevent breakage, damage, and bald patches. 

Finally, take your time to undo your hairstyle. Taking your ponytail down can break your hair, so do it gently.

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