Is It A Good Idea To Share Makeup?

Is It A Good Idea To Share Makeup?

Putting your favourite lip gloss near your friends is a nightmare as you know what comes next: everyone will want to try it. We are taught to share, but is it a good idea to share makeup? Unfortunately, in this case, sharing means germs, viruses, and bacteria. 

Even though it might seem harmless if you share makeup, you're at risk of getting diseases like herpes and conjunctivitis. This means it's also not wise to put on makeup testers in beauty stores. If you need to try cosmetics, apply them on the back of your hand, never on your lips, cheeks, or eyes. 

Here is a list of the most common risks you're exposed to when sharing makeup:

Which Cosmetics Should Never Be Shared?

It's common for friends to share clothes, food, drinks, and makeup. Beauty experts only recommend sharing makeup products you can apply with a clean brush or sponge.

For instance: 

However, here is a list of makeup products that you should never share:  

Also, it's not wise to share beauty products in a jar where you use your fingers to apply them, such as FRUDIA Blueberry Hydrating Honey Lip Balm. Fingers can transfer bacteria to products. 

The worst products you can borrow are concealers, mascaras, and eyeliners. Also, avoid using someone else's setting powders, blushers, and powder foundations. These cosmetics can quickly transfer bacteria into your skin. 

Expected Consequences of Sharing Makeup

Spreading Germs

When you use someone else's makeup, it's possible to spread germs that can cause breakouts. Simply put, your skin is coming into contact with your friend's pimples, germs, and oil. This is unhealthy for your face. 

Eye Infections

Sharing eye makeup can cause infections. Eyes are sensitive and delicate, so it's never wise to use other people's eyeliners, mascaras, eyebrow sticks, etc. You can increase your chance of getting pink eye, conjunctivitis, and other bacterial diseases. 

Cold Sores

The herpes simplex virus causes cold sores, and unlike other diseases, you cannot cure them with medication. This type of herpes is hurtful. It typically appears as a small bump near your lips and mouth after approximately 20 days of exposure to the virus. 

Unfortunately, passing the virus is possible when you share lip products with your friends. 

How to Prevent Makeup Contamination

It's essential to always verify the expiration date of your cosmetics to prevent makeup contamination. Beauty products can expire faster than expected when they are not stored properly. So if your makeup smells odd, looks old, or has been exposed to high temperatures, it's best to toss it. 

The eyes are probably one of the most sensitive areas of the body. It's imperative to keep track of how long you've used your current mascara. Remember that the closed package allows bacteria and germs to grow. 

Generally, manufacturers recommend changing your mascara after ninety days. Any time you have an eye infection, you should replace all your eye makeup to avoid spreading the bacteria again. 

Please note that liquid beauty products are also attractive for bacteria to grow, so it's wise to replace them regularly. We recommend changing your liquid foundation or favourite creamy eyeshadow and blush after six months. 

Cosmetics like pencil eye and lip liners, powder eye shadows, powder foundations, blushes, and highlighters can last twenty-four months. But this doesn't mean you should not throw them if they're expired, change colour, or start to smell. 

Bottom Line

Applying someone else's beauty products is not a good idea. Usually, it's not worth the risk. We recommend using a sanitizing spray if you know you will share your makeup to reduce the risk of infections and other diseases. 

Make sure to sanitize and clean your cosmetics regularly to avoid contamination. Never share mascaras, eyeliners, and concealers. Clean your makeup brushes once or twice a month. Whenever possible, please invite your friends to carry their products. 

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