How To Choose And Apply Face Powders?

Women with Face Powder

Beauty lovers around the world widely use face powders, but they have become more and more complicated. There are HD powders, finishing, setting, and translucent, so it is common to get confused. The good news is that we are going to explain everything you need to know about face powders. After you finish reading this, you will know which one to choose, how to apply it, and why you need to add one to your makeup supplies.

Reasons To Use Face Powders

There are many reasons why you need to apply face powders, but the main one is that they are great mattifiers. Besides, powders set liquid or cream foundations, so they do not fall off your face. Certain powders can also reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores.

Face powders are an excellent base to apply blush or contour such as TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Art Class By Rodin Shading. Even though you can use these products on top of your foundation, they will last longer when you add face powder.

 TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Art Class By Rodin Shading

You can also use powders to set eyeshadow such as ETUDE HOUSE Look At My Eyes New, to defuse the colour on blush that is too bright, or to give a smooth lip colour.

ETUDE HOUSE Look At My Eyes New

Use a powder such as INNISFREE No Sebum Mineral Powder, as a replacement for dry shampoo and to control excess oil.

INNISFREE No Sebum Mineral Powder

The Difference Between Pressed And Loose Powder

Loose powder has a finer consistency as it has smaller particles. It provides lightweight coverage. Loose powder is designed to stay at home as it is challenging to transport it.

Try SKINFOOD Peach Cotton Multi Finish Powder, which provides a finishing element that sets your foundation for flawless skin and absorbs oils for a matte look.

SKINFOOD Peach Cotton Multi Finish Powder

For better results, pat to increase adherence.

The pressed powder has a semi-solid consistency, and it comes in a compact presentation. The particles are a bit bigger. If you apply too much, your face can look stiff. It is best to use a little as a touch-up throughout the day.

An excellent option is INNISFREE No Sebum Mineral Pact, which is formulated to minimise pores, blemishes, and control excess oil. Apply on the entire face, especially on oil-prone areas.

INNISFREE No Sebum Mineral Pact

The No Sebum Mineral Pact is specially designed to take it with you everywhere.

Which One Is Better Translucent Or Colour Face Powders?

Powder that matches your skin tone, such as MOONSHOT Micro Setting Fut Cushion SPF50+, adds maximum coverage while shielding your skin from harmful UV rays. Be careful as it can look thick if you don’t blend it well, especially as you reapply.

 MOONSHOT Micro Setting Fut Cushion SPF50+

Translucent powder is perfect for all skin tones when blended well. You can touch up throughout the day to kill shine and oil. Just remember to blend properly to obtain a flawless look.

How To Apply Face Powders

Step 1: Begin by applying:

Step 2: Choose your favourite face powder and apply over your entire face, including your eyelids. The best way to do it is with a fluffy brush. Don’t forget to remove the excess.

Step 3: Starting from the centre and moving in circles toward the outside, apply it to your face.

Step 4: Apply your blush, bronzer, and highlight over your skin.

You are ready to go!

Make sure to carry with you a pressed powder compact and a brush to reapply throughout the day.

Two Mistakes To Avoid When Applying Face Powder

  1. Not blending well your foundation - For a great powder placement, you need to make sure to blend in the foundation seamlessly. Your foundation should feel as it is one with your skin.
  2. Applying face powder once your foundation is dry - Make sure to use it while your foundation is still wet. The best way to press powder onto your face is with a brush or powder puff. This way, you will prevent the foundation from moving, so it stays on all day.

Even though face powders are mostly used to control oil and shine, people with dry skin should also apply them to keep makeup from creasing. Just make sure to use products that have a softer texture.

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