Hair Milk Is It Worth It?

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You have probably heard all the commotion around hair milk, especially if you're a fan of Korean and Japanese beauty products. But you might be wondering if it is worth it? Well, here in Keoji, we'll answer all your questions and explain how to apply hair milk to achieve beautiful, healthy, and strong hair.

What is Hair Milk?

Hair milk is a lightweight hair care product that gives hydration to the hair. It's similar to cream but smoother, just like natural milk. The texture of hair milk is slim and buttery. It's ideal for those people searching for lightweight moisture.

Hair milk combines a leave-in conditioner and a weightless hair care treatment, according to hairdressers. It leaves the hair healthier and stronger.

This hair care treatment detangles and protects the hair from adverse elements like pollution, dirt, and UV rays.

Hair milk is derived from oils, butter, and other natural extracts such as coconut milk and shea butter to moisturise the hair.  

Benefits of Hair Milk

Hair milk has multiple benefits for the hair, including:

  • It prevents breakage and split ends as it provides moisture to your locks
  • Controls frizz, leaving the hair defined and beautiful
  • Restores the scalp preventing issues like dandruff, skin irritation, and flaky skin
  • It gives enough hydration to nourish the scalp but not weigh down the hair.

Hair milk is an excellent addition to any hair care routine as it leaves the hair and scalp healthier, so the hair grows stronger and thicker.

Who Can use Hair Milk?

Everybody can use hair milk regardless of hair type. However, people with curly hair love this product because its lightweight density makes it terrific for moisturising their waves without weighing them down.

Hair milk is excellent for revitalising hair, and it's recommended for those with fine hair as it provides protein and nourishment. Additionally, hair milk is the perfect styling aid, as it protects against heat.

It's possible to apply hair milk daily or whenever you feel it's necessary, but be careful of too much buildup.

Should You Use Hair Milk or Another Hair Care Treatment?

Usually, hair milk is used to moisturise, detangle, and define hair without weighing down the hair or forming a buildup. You can apply this hair care product every day without worrying about adverse side effects. It is commonly used as a regular refresher.

On the contrary, leave-in treatments or hair masks such as SHISEIDO Tsubaki Premium Repair Hair Mask are deep conditioners. They're effective for improving hair elasticity, hydration, and manageability.

 SHISEIDO Tsubaki Premium Repair Hair Mask

Both hair milk and leave-in treatments are necessary to achieve healthier, beautiful hair.

Best Hair Milk in the Market

1. SHISEIDO Tsubaki Hair Milk (100ML) $25.94

 SHISEIDO Tsubaki Hair Milk

If you're looking for intensive repair milk, SHISEIDO Tsubaki Hair Milk is your best option. The formula contains potent, natural ingredients, including Tsubaki Koji GL, Camellia Oil, Arginine, and Penetrative Nano repair oil.

SHISEIDO Tsubaki Hair Milk is considered a J-beauty hair miracle as it leaves the hair soft and shiny.

We loved this hair care product because it protects the hair from harmful elements such as styling tools, pollution, and UV rays. It's gentle enough to be used every day.

People who use SHISEIDO Tsubaki Hair Milk experience less fall out, as it leaves the hair hydrated and healthy.

2. KAO Essential CC Hair Milk Treatment (100ML) $21.50


KAO Essential CC Hair Milk Treatment is a multifunctional hair care treatment used to protect hair cuticles for soft, tangle-free hair. You can use this hair milk day or night, either on dry or wet hair.

The formula contains nourishing ingredients to hydrate the hair while repairing damaged strands. It controls frizz, leaving the hair looking and feeling amazing 24/7.

This hair milk protects hair with its potent, natural ingredients. It's non-greasy and lightweight, so you don't have to worry about the hair weighing down. It makes the hair manageable, making it easier to style and brush.

Finally, if you're still wondering if hair milk is worth it?


Make sure to add hair milk to your daily hair care routine to achieve healthier, stronger hair. Remember, the key to having shiny, beautiful hair is consistency. So don't forget to take care of your hair every day.  

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