Follow K-Pop Stars Tips To Keep Hair Healthy After Dyeing It So Many Times

Park Shin Hye's Hair Tips

It's a mystery how Korean idols can keep their hair silky and shiny after dyeing it so many times. Fortunately, with proper care, it's possible to protect your hair. Besides, K-pop idols all have their daily hair care routine.

Here at Keoji, we've put together a list of the top hair secret information you can do to keep your hair looking lovely.

If you're ready to discover Park Shin Hye, Yura, and NCT127's best-kept hair tips, let's begin!

1. Wait Before Shampooing

When you dye hair, the cuticle layer is sensitive as it's open. That's why it's essential to wait three days before shampooing after coloring. This will prevent the color from being washed down.

Keep in mind that it takes approximately this time for the cuticle to recover, so make sure to wait at least 72 hours to shampoo if you want the color pigment to last longer.

2. Use The Right Shampoo

One of the reasons why Taeyong's hair always looks vibrant, is because he uses the right type of shampoo. Shampoo is a crucial element for keeping the hair color radiant. Make sure to use a specially formulated shampoo for color-treated hair. This type of shampoo is perfect for balancing the hair's natural pH.

Use a color-safe shampoo that also contains nourishing elements to repair the hair. Make sure to read the label to stop you from buying hair products with harmful components like alcohols and sulfates.

3. Hair Treatment

Did you know what every member of NCT127 has in common? They all consider hair treatment a must to keep their hair looking amazing after dyeing so many times.

Jaehyun, one of the vocalists of NCT127, confessed that he can change his hair colour continually because he always uses a hair treatment.

We recommend using INNISFREE Camellia Essential Hair Oil Serum which is perfect for those with damaged hair.

 INNISFREE Camellia Essential Hair Oil Serum

This camellia oil formula helps nourish, soften, and illuminate hair with lasting radiance. The INNISFREE Camellia Essential Hair Oil Serum is a K-beauty miracle worker for anyone who has damaged their hair from bleaching, dying, and straightening.

After shampooing, apply two to three pumps of serum to the damp hair. Make sure to intensify on the ends.

One of the primary benefits of this oil serum is that it coats hair cuticles helping the hair colour to last longer.

4. Never Sleep With Wet Hair

It's essential to always blow-dry the hair before going to bed. Sleeping with wet hair can cause breakage and split ends. That's why K-actress Park Shin Hye avoids going to bed with damp hair. This way, she can keep her hair glowing and vibrant.

You need to blow-dry the hair before going to bed because it can damage the scalp. Why? Because when the scalp is humid, bacteria can pile up, making the scalp hypersensitive and itchy.

5. Eat Healthily

One of the secrets of Yura from Girl's Day to maintain healthy hair is to eat a well-balanced diet.

Eating healthy is crucial to keep your hair looking beautiful and luminous. Essential nutrients found in food are vital for providing the energy required for hair growth and brightness.

It's a wise idea to include in your diet foods rich in iron and protein to nourish the scalp and hair by producing keratin. Keratin is the protein in charge of enhancing texture and boosting growth.

Consume fish, soy, egg whites, spinach, and cheese to maintain dyeing hair in optimal conditions.

6. Avoid Using Too Much Heat

Dyed hair is more prone to damage, so it's a wise idea to limit the use of blow dryers, curling, or straightening irons to a minimum. We recommend using a heat-protecting beauty product before blow-drying the hair and make sure always to use the lowest heat setting.

Also, whenever possible, wash your hair with cool water. Avoid using hot water if you've dye hair as this will damage the cuticle.

One of our favorite J-Beauty haircare products is KAO Essential Night Care Milk, a leave-in formula that pampers, moisturises, and protects each strand of hair. We treasured the most about this formula because it hydrates the hair while repairing damaged strands and smoothing out frizz for a beautiful result.

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