Finding the Balance: How Often You Should Wash Your Face

How often should you wash your face

Maintaining healthy and radiant skin involves a diligent skincare routine, and at the forefront of this regimen is the essential act of washing your face. The question of how often to cleanse your face is crucial, as striking the right balance is key to achieving optimal skin health.

Twice a Day is the Best

Experts widely agree that washing your face twice daily is the gold standard for maintaining a healthy complexion. This routine removes accumulated dirt, oil, and impurities that build up throughout the day and night. 

Morning cleansing eliminates sweat and oils produced during sleep. While evening cleansing ensures that the day's environmental pollutants and makeup are thoroughly removed. This regular routine aids in preventing breakouts, reducing inflammation, and promoting overall skin clarity.

If You Need to Wash Only Once, Wash Your Face at Night

While the ideal frequency is twice a day, some individuals may find that washing their face once daily is sufficient for their skin type. If you choose to cleanse only once, make it a nighttime ritual.

Nighttime face washing removes the day's grime and pollutants, allowing your skin to breathe and regenerate while you sleep. This prevents clogged pores and reduces the risk of acne and other skin issues.

Choose the Right Product

The effectiveness of your face-washing routine is significantly influenced by the products you use. Choose a cleanser that suits your skin type and addresses your skin care concerns. 

One brand that stands out is HEIMISH, offering the All Clean Balm Mandarin. This cleansing balm gently melts away makeup and impurities, leaving your skin clean and nourished.


The NEOGEN Real Fresh Cleansing Oil Green Tea is an excellent choice for those who prefer an oil-based cleanser. Rich in antioxidants, this cleansing oil removes makeup and unclogs pores while providing soothing green tea benefits.

Another noteworthy option is the DR. CEURACLE Pro Balance Pure Cleansing Oil, known for its gentle yet powerful formula that removes waterproof makeup without stripping the skin of its natural moisture.


Korean brand ETUDE HOUSE offers the Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam, which combines exfoliating BHA and natural ingredients to deeply cleanse and refine pores, promoting smoother and clearer skin.

BE THE SKIN's Pore Zero BHA+ Cleansing Foam is an excellent K-beauty choice for sensitive skin. This foam cleanser gently removes impurities while maintaining the skin's natural balance.

The Skin Essentials Conditioning Cleanser by ROVECTIN is a hydrating and nourishing option, ideal for those looking to cleanse while maintaining the skin's moisture levels.

Apply the 20-Second Rule When Washing the Face.

The 20-second rule is not just an arbitrary time frame; it's a strategic guideline that can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your face-washing routine. When applying your chosen cleanser, take at least 20 seconds to gently massage it into your skin. This deliberate and unhurried approach allows the cleanser's active ingredients to work their magic, breaking down impurities, makeup, and excess oils. 

Begin by wetting your face with lukewarm water. Take a small amount of the product in your hands and, using your fingertips, distribute it evenly across your face. As you massage the cleanser in gentle, circular motions, pay extra attention to areas prone to oiliness or congestion, such as the forehead, nose, and chin—commonly known as the T-zone.

Finally, Wash Your Face a Third Time if You Sweat Much After Exercise

Exercise is crucial for overall health. But it also brings sweat and potential skin congestion. If you engage in vigorous physical activity, consider washing your face a third time to remove sweat and prevent pores from becoming clogged. Use a gentle cleanser to avoid over-drying your skin, and follow up with a hydrating moisturiser to restore moisture balance. 

You can use SOME BY MI Pure Vitamin C V10 Cleansing Bar to remove sweat and impurities while brightening and hydrating your skin. This K-beauty cleansing bar is free of harmful ingredients, including artificial colours, and chemical surfactants.

Bottom Line

Finding the right balance in your face-washing routine is essential. Washing your face twice daily, choosing suitable products, and following proper techniques will contribute to maintaining a clear and vibrant complexion.

Experiment with different cleansers and observe how your skin responds, adjusting your K-beauty routine accordingly. Remember, a consistent and tailored skincare routine is the foundation of a glowing complexion.


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