Why Is My Hair Not Growing After Haircut?

Why Is My Hair Not Growing After Haircut?

It’s normal to feel your hair is not growing after a haircut. The most common causes include an unhealthy diet and a poor hair care routine. However, there are other reasons why you might experience short, damaged hair. 

If you sense your hair stops growing, or it appears to be thinning, or one side grows more quickly, or your hair is stunted at a certain level, then this article is for you. Here we’ll discuss the most common reasons your hair is not growing and how to accelerate the process to enjoy healthy, beautiful hair. 

  1. Vitamins Deficiency

You need proper nutrition if you want long, lustrous hair. Iodine, zinc, B vitamins, omega-3s, and iron are imperative in your daily diet as they promote hair growth. 

Make sure to include citrus fruits, dark leafy greens, protein, and good fats to keep your hair thick and strong. 

  1. Age

Cutting your hair doesn’t change its growth rate. As you age, your hair’s growth cycle becomes shorter, making the hair weaker and thinner. 

  1. Genetics

Hair grows in cycles and stops growing at the end of your growth phase. Your genetics defines these cycles. Genetics play a significant part in how

fast or slow your hair grows as they also affect the thyroid hormone, which is crucial for how much your hair grows. 

  1. Stress

Your hair suffers when you’re experiencing stress, tension, and worries. External factors and not your haircut can stop your hair from growing. On the contrary, hair becomes healthier and shinier after a trim. 

You can try some of these stress-relief activities: 

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Deep breathing
  • Exercise
  • Dance
  • Walking
  • Music
  1. Unhealthy Scalp

Commonly we worry more about our hair, so we neglect our scalp. Hair growth comes from the scalp, so you must nourish your scalp if you want long hair. 

A healthy scalp is vital for optimal hair growth. You need to use the right hair care products to hydrate your scalp. Also, gently brushing your scalp improves blood circulation and removes dead skin cells. This will allow your scalp to breathe.

The good news is that you can stimulate your hair growth by using the right products and following the tips above. Here are the best Korean hair care products for healthier, longer hair. 

Korean Hair Care Products for Healthier, Longer Hair 

NINE LESS Breworks Hair Growth Ampoule (30ML) $22 

The Breworks Hair Growth Ampoule is a top-quality formula made with real beer yeast, the best source of Biotin. This ampoule strengthens and thickens hair while promoting hair growth.


Its unique blend hydrates the scalp stopping inflammation, itchiness, and dead skin cells. It’s an excellent hair treatment if you’re worried about hair loss, thinning hair, or hair growth. 

SOME BY MI Cica Peptide Anti Hair Loss Derma Scalp Treatment (50ML) $12 

If your hair is not growing, try this 3-minutes treatment that works profoundly on the scalp. The Cica Peptide Anti Hair Loss Derma Scalp Treatment by SOME BY MI is a nourishing K-beauty formula to prevent hair loss and improve your scalp health. 

This fast-acting hair care product is an excellent cost-friendly alternative if you want to strengthen your hair roots.

Apply a proper amount on wet hair and gently massage over the scalp and hair. Wait three minutes and rinse with warm water. 

NINE LESS Magic Nine Perlite Scalp Scrub Shampoo (150ML) $19.95 

The Magic Nine Perlite Scalp Scrub Shampoo is a terrific option for gently exfoliating your scalp while removing dirt from your hair. It prevents and stops the dry scalp responsible for dandruff.


Its 100% natural formula contains Centella Asiatica, green tea, licorice root, skullcap, and Perlite from the mediterranean sea. This shampoo leaves the hair free of oil and sebum and deeply cleanses your hair and scalp. 

NARD Hair Loss Control Tonic (200ML) $20 

NARD Hair Loss Control Tonic is formulated with eleven amino acids and five types of hyaluronic acid to soothe the scalp while leaving your hair shiny and strong. This refreshing mist keeps the oil-moisture balance of your scalp to strengthen hair follicles. 

Thanks to its convenient and practical packaging, you can spray this tonic after shampooing or whenever you want. 

AROMATICA Rosemary Root Enhancer (100ML) $28 

The Rosemary Root Enhancer is recommended for those with thin hair, an unhealthy scalp, or whose hair has stopped growing. Its potent blend of natural ingredients promotes thicker hair and a healthier scalp.

With this one-of-a-kind hair essence, you can enjoy strong hair from the roots. It contains vitamin B7 and a black food complex. In just one minute, your hair will look alive and beautiful.

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