Why Etude House Play Color Eye Bake House Is All That You Need?

Etude House Play Color Eye Bake House

If there is only one eyeshadow you should have, ETUDE HOUSE Play Color Eye Bake House is the perfect eyeshadow. No cosmetic bag is complete without one.

ETUDE HOUSE Play Color Eye Bake House

ETUDE HOUSE Play Color Eye Bake House contains ten fabulous shades inspired by freshly baked bread in the morning. This eyeshadow palette explores the soft, neutral, and warming tones like the bagel, brownie, almond, and more.

These warm shades combine flawlessly together for a comfortable look that is ideal for every day and time.

The palette offers a mix of shimmers, mattes, and satins. It is the perfect cosmetic for those looking to achieve a warm, fun look.

The ETUDE HOUSE Play Color Eye Bake House offers soft, silky textures mixed with long-lasting formula to keep your eyes looking warm and beautiful throughout the day. We love the most about this warm eyeshadow palette because we can create a look that appears dazzling at any time of the year.

But why EETUDE HOUSE Play Color Eye Bake House is the only eyeshadow palette that you need? According to makeup artists, a neutral brown palette is terrific because it is so flattering that you always look polished and beautiful.


ETUDE HOUSE Play Color Eye Bake House Is A Must Because:

  1. Neutral Colours- it offers neutral colours that are suitable for all skin tones. The perfect shade of brown is always trendy and relevant.
  2. Anyone Can Use It- this eyeshadow palette is flattering for everyone, no matter the age. Brown tones are classic and timeless.
  3. Versatility- brown tone eyeshadow colours provide significant versatility as they are natural and sensual.
  4. You can apply multipurpose ETUDE HOUSE Play Color Eye Bake House to the lids, eyebrows, crease, or eyeliner.
  5. A Foundation For Any Makeup Look- brown shades can be used in the daytime with a neutral look or in the evening with smoky eyes.


How To Wear ETUDE HOUSE Play Color Eye Bake House

When you open the product, your eyes will be filled with an explosion of warm brown colours. On the top of the shadows, you will find a tip brush along with a transparent film with each of the color names written on it.

If you want to apply over the eyelids, use the broad end of the applicator. For a gradation, use the fine end or apply it on the eyes and eyeliner's tail for point makeup.

How To Select The Perfect Brown For You?

Since ETUDE HOUSE Play Color Eye Bake House offers ten brown shades, it is essential to select the perfect tone for you.

During The Day:

Choose a light neutral brown like Cafe Latte and a darker brown like Mini Cannoli and apply one on the lid and the other in the crease.

During The Night:

If you want to go heavier at night, you will need three versatile shades—one neutral like Sugar Rusk and two darker browns like Beach Coconut and Salty Brownie. Use neutral for eyelids, one of the darker tones for the crease, and then the other one to define eyebrows and as an eyeliner.

It is vital to look at your skin tone to pick the perfect brown for you. For instance:

  • Pale and Fair- Soft browns like Milk Latte, Cream Cheese Bagel, and Sugar Rusk
  • Tan and Olive- Tan browns like Almond Croissant, Pine Cone, and Beach Coconut
  • Dark and Super Dark- Espresso tones like Salty Brownie, Mini Canele, and Almond Croissant

Keep in mind that shimmery brown eyeshadows like Sugar Rusk, Acoustic Guitar, and Cinnamon Pastry come with lots of glitters that reflect light and can show your lines. If you have mature skin, it is brilliant to apply these tones under the eyebrow arch and in the eye's inner corner.

Brown matte eyeshadows such as Milk Latte, Pine Cone, Cream Cheese Bagel, and Almond Croissant are flattering no matter your age. These matte colours bring luminosity to your look.

If you want to create dimension within the eyes, blend brown matte and shimmery eyeshadow. Finally, if you're going to create a more sensual look, combine shimmers with a brown matte eyeshadow.

ETUDE HOUSE Play Color Eye Bake House


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