What Foundation K-Pop Idols Like NCT, WayV, And More Use?

Foundation of Kpop Idols

Some of the things we love about K-beauty is that it is always flawless, bright, lively, and vibrant. That's why it's impossible not to recreate our favorite K-pop idols look. Let's figure out what foundation do NCT, WayV, and more use, and how to use it in real life.

Applying Foundation

One of the primary characteristics of K-pop idols is that they always have flawless faces. Korean makeup artists are famous for their "transparent makeup look."  

The Korean secret appears as if you don't wear makeup, that you naturally look flawless. The first thing you need to think about is the thickness of the foundation. Apply a deep layer from the cheekbone to the mouth's outer corner and a fine layer in the centre and perimeter.

It's essential not to swipe foundation down the centre but instead apply along cheekbones, and mid-forehead, blending in and out. Laying foundation this way gives you a fascinating and heart-stopping natural look.

Finding A Foolproof Foundation

Another critical element for achieving a flawless look is to find a foundation similar to your skin. This can be challenging but not impossible. To help you find the perfect foundation, follow these tips:

  • Don't try foundations on your forearm. It's better to do it in the chest or directly on your face.
  • Keep in mind that the foundation usually gets darker throughout the day due to the skin's oils.
  • Don't forget to look at your neck. If the neck is paler than your face, choose a lighter shade. Remember, you can always use a bronzer like Pink Brownie from ETUDE HOUSE Lovely Cookie Blusher if the coloring appears too dull. The key is that your face doesn't look much different than the neck.
Pink Brownie from ETUDE HOUSE Lovely Cookie Blusher
  • Always try foundation in good natural lighting.
  • For a cold undertone, use a foundation with a pink shade.


  • Use a matte foundation if you have oily and combination skin and a satin finish for mature skins.
  • Make sure to adapt your foundation shade to the season. Keep in mind that the skin is usually more tan and warm in the spring and summer and more pale and cold in the fall and winter.

What Foundation Brand Do K-Pop Idols Wear?

NCT and WayV

It seems that NCT's and WayV's makeup artists love ETUDE HOUSE Double Lasting Foundation. It features a unique K-beauty formula with double-shot technology to give a double layer effect in one application.

ETUDE HOUSE Double Lasting Foundation

The ETUDE HOUSE Double Lasting Foundation is a long-lasting foundation, and it's perfect for work, exercising, events, and entertainment. Your skin won't look or feel heavy. It conceals blemishes naturally while providing sun protection.


CLC prefers a foundation that doesn't feel heavy, and it's more convenient to wear during the day. CLC members like Sorn, Seungyeon, and Elkie use a foundation such as MOONSHOT Micro Setting Fit Cushion SPF 50+.

MOONSHOT Micro Setting Fit Cushion SPF 50+

To finish their look, they also apply  INNISFREE No Sebum Mineral Pact.

INNISFREE No Sebum Mineral Pact.

INNISFREE No Sebum Mineral Pact is Korea's number 1 selling K-beauty brand. This mineral powder is designed to minimise pores, blemishes and control excess oil.  

Tiffany Young

Tiffany Young recommends using base cosmetics before applying makeup. She wears a base primer like INNISFREE No Sebum Blur Primer before applying makeup.

INNISFREE No Sebum Blur Primer

INNISFREE No Sebum Blur Primer is silicone-based and works at smoothing and perfecting the skin before foundation application. It reduces shine, and it's ideal for wearing during the summer when you need to control excess oil.


Twice's girls used several products like THE SAEM Cover Perfection Tip Concealer to define the eye zone.

THE SAEM Cover Perfection Tip Concealer

THE SAEM Cover Perfection Tip Concealer is a high performing, high coverage concealer. It's available in three shades, and it's recommended for pale to medium complexion. THE SAEM Cover Perfection Tip Concealer coverage is so good you can use it instead of foundation.  

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