This Serum Is Sold Every 9 Seconds And Is The Obsession Of K-Pop Idols

iUNIK Black Snail Restore Serum

Surprisingly, this potent serum sells out every 9 seconds, but once you try it and see its terrific effects on the skin, it's easy to see why. That's why it's the newest obsession of K-Pop Idols.

The Korean skincare product we will talk about is iUnik Black Snail Restore Serum. This serum is one of the brand's most-selling products as it offers incredible benefits to the skin.

iUnik Black Snail Restore Serum

What is it about? It's a highly concentrated serum enhanced with black snails to restore and repair your skin. This K-beauty miracle is designed to be used daily after cleansing and toning.

When used for just one week, the results translate into healthier, brighter, firmer, more supple, smoother, and younger skin.

It also boosts the effectiveness of post-put-on products, such as hydrating creams, and allows makeup textures to work better, with a smoother, non-opaque appearance on the face.

But why does the iUnik Black Snail Restore Serum bring so many benefits? Behind its powerful effects, there is a formula loaded with highly effective botanical ingredients:

Black Snail

The K-beauty industry is extremely skin clever and loves trying natural ingredients. This skincare mentality has allowed them to discover terrific products such as black snail.

Black snail is very well-known in Korea, thanks to its hydrating effects. Users experienced softer, smoother, and less visible acne scarring with regular use of snail mucin products.

Please note that black snails are packed with anti-ageing nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, copper peptides, and proteoglycans. They are all commonly found in skin care products and have proven to be favorable for the skin. All of these nutrients protect the skin from damage, infection, dryness, and dangerous UV rays.

iUnik Black Snail Restore Serum offers 70% black snail extract to make the skin soft and supple.

Five Black Superfoods

iUnik Black Snail Restore Serum combines black snail extract with five black superfoods, which are:

  • Black Beans are considered the beauty bean in Korea and other Asian countries. They're rich in antioxidants and work perfectly on the skin. Black bean oil is commonly used to brighten up the skin's complexion.
  • Black Sesame protects the skin from dangerous UV rays. It can stop ageing signs such as wrinkles and fine lines. It's a rich source of zinc, iron, protein, and fatty acids.
  • Black Rice commonly used to heal and soothe the skin. It protects the skin from free radicals. Black rice is typically used in Korean skincare products to accelerate the healing process of the skin.
  • Kelp is a mineral well known for softening and hydrating dry skin. It's commonly used in K-beauty products as it's practical to diminish the appearance of acne.
  • Eggplant is rich in antioxidants like vitamin C. It shields the skin from oxidative damage and prevents ageing signs such as wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots.

Centella Extract

Another popular K-beauty ingredient, Centella Extract, is a skin remedy that offers many benefits, such as moisturising, anti-ageing, and skin-soothing properties.

Centella Asiatica Extract is typically used in K-beauty products thanks to its rich source of antioxidants and amino acids. Studies have shown that it's incredible for hydrating and soothing skin.

Skincare products that use Centella extract strengthen the skin's protective barrier while diminishing the visible effects of sun damage.

Without a doubt, the use of iUnik Black Snail Restore Serum is a beauty tip that you should copy from K-Pop Idols ASAP.

If you're wondering how much this K-Beauty miracle is?

You can purchase this serum for only $24.37 at It is an excellent investment, mainly for those who need to strengthen their skin.

We recommend applying 2 to 3 drops of iUnik Black Snail Restore Serum onto the face. Gently massage, making sure to avoid eye and lip areas. Softly pat to help absorption.

For best results, use it in conjunction with SECRET KEY Snail Repairing Essence and COSRX Low PH Good Morning Gel Cleanser. Remember to always use iUnik Black Snail Restore Serum after cleansing, toning, and before eye creams and moisturisers.

 SECRET KEY Snail Repairing Essence


Now it's easier to understand why this iUnik serum is sold every 9 seconds and is the obsession of K-pop idols!

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