The K-Beauty Makeup Trends For 2020 Finally Revealed

We are starting a new year and a new decade, and this means that K-beauty trends are having a reboot. What we can expect in terms of trends for 2020, is that everything is going to be softener: flushed, balmy lips, fluffy brows and eyelids sparkling lightly.

Korean women have common sense, they know from a young age what beauty products to use. They are taught early. It is part of their lifestyle.

From 2010 to 2019, we watched how K-Beauty transformed the way we view the world. BTS and Blackpink changed the face of Korean music and things have never been the same.

According to K-beauty influencers, such as Risabae and Lamuque, we are looking toward a delicate vibe for 2020. It is all about having the most natural glow. Here is a full trend prediction of what to expect in the new year regarding makeup trends.

Lip Gloss

Memebox Lip Gloss

The 2020 trend for lip will be all about having the perfect lip color. The shade vibe is about sheer nudes and earth tones. Go for the glossy finish and forget about matte.

Try a glossy lip tint, lipstick or lip gloss. The glossy colors glide on effortlessly and are creamy and moisturizing. These can be worn alone for a more natural look that will need to be reapplied, or with a lip liner for added definition and longevity.


Etude House Face Blur

The latest trend coming into 2020 is a trick that will help your skin glow naturally. You need to add a highlighter before the foundation.

K-beauty is all about moisturizing, so after your moisturizer, use a highlighter in your cheekbones, forehead, and down the nose. Your skin glow will come through the highlighter making your skin radiant.

Try Etude House Face Blur. This amazing product promises to blur out any imperfections by blending and smoothing visible pores, allowing you to achieve a smooth poreless finish that looks like you've been photo-shopped in real life.

Light Foundation

Pony Light Foundation

In 2020, you need to make sure your skin looks like skin. You need to apply the thinnest of a hydrating foundation for coverage.

Use a foundation that evens the skin and add a little glow. The key is for your skin to look like there is nothing over it.

Try Etude Double Lasting Foundation. It features a unique K-beauty formula with double-shot technology to give a double layer effect in a single application. Your skin won’t look or feel heavy, as you only need to apply a thin layer of makeup.

Glitter Eyeshadow

Purple Glitter Eyeshadow

Glitter shadow is the trend for K-Beauty eyes in 2020. The shade will be a romantic lavender tone. According to K-beauty experts, we might see a purple shadow moment coming up.

Try a twinkle liquid eyeshadow. They will add some fun, sparkle, and glam to your makeup look. Using a water-based formula, these liquid eye shadows glide over your eyelids smoothly and have zero falls out.

Feathered Brows

Feathered Brow

K-pop stars such as EXID member Hani, are obsessed with perfect brows and in 2020 the trend will be feathered. For this style you need hairs defined and brushed up softly, to make a huge impact. For better results fill in any sparse areas with a skinny pencil and then brush through the hairs with an eyebrow brush.

Try: Etude Drawing Eye Brow this pencil is smooth and designed to fill and shape your brows as you define them. The silky formula mimics your natural eyebrow hairs, giving you the ability to create a natural brow that frames your face.

Nail Polish

The big beauty trend for 2020 is K-pop stars such as Xiumin, wearing nail polish. The trend colors for next year are fresher than ever. We will be seeing more neutrals, like warm brown, creamy gray and gold glitter shades, plus deeper red-wine and teal tones.

Try to find a nail polish that is sustainable and recyclable. Remember, you can also send your empty nail polish bottles for recycling.

Finally, it feels like K-beauty trends for 2020 are transitioning into a more expressive and adventurous territory. TV shows like The Greatest Love have demonstrated perfectly how makeup can be used more freely.

But one thing we can be sure of is that K-beauty trends will be mirrored in the way we express ourselves just like 2019!

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