The 5 Best K-Beauty Eyeshadows Palettes For All Skin Tones

K-Beauty Eyeshadows Palettes

With all those stunning eyeshadow colours and palettes, it's challenging to know which one to use. Choosing eyeshadows can be tricky as there are many shades. Here we are sharing the five best Korean beauty eyeshadows palettes for all skin tones.

Please note that even though there can be used on all skin tones, it's essential to consider the following.

There are different textures and types of eyeshadows to choose from. You can pick from matte, shimmer, cream, metallic, and mineral eyeshadow palettes.

We recommend for daily wear a matte palette as it has no sparkle or shine. It's also an excellent option for those with oily skin. If you have sensitive or allergy-prone skin, a great option is mineral eyeshadows. Use metallic and shimmer for night events, and cream eyeshadows are terrific for mature or dry skin.

Also, note that it's best to stick with a nude palette if you've never used eyeshadows. Nude palettes are the best colours to begin learning how to apply eyeshadows. It's easier to know which colours should be applied to the crease, eyelid, and brow bones.

Finally, if budget is an issue, don't worry. K-beauty brands offer terrific eyeshadow palettes at affordable prices, so you can pick a price range and look for the best.

1. ETUDE HOUSE Play Color Eyes Bakehouse $28.50

 ETUDE HOUSE Play Color Eyes Bakehouse

The ETUDE HOUSE Play Color Eyes Bakehouse is for those of us who love freshly baked bread every morning. This palette is inspired by those warming tones like bagels, brownies, almonds, and more.

It contains ten shadows, including glitters, shimmers, and matte colours, so that you can wear them daily or at night. The shades are warm brown shades to make your eyes look warm and moody.

Why do we love this palette?

  • Easy to apply
  • Durable formula
  • Very smooth texture
  • Includes ten shadows: glitter, mattes, shimmers, and more

2. MEMEBOX I'm Meme Multi Cube -All About Candy Pink - $25.46

 MEMEBOX I'm Meme Multi Cube

The MEMEBOX I'm Meme Multi Cube is the ideal K-beauty product if you want to avoid having too many compacts. It has a mirror, eyeshadow, and blush.

It comes in four shades, including glitter, shimmer, and matte colours. The All About Candy Pink offers pink tones for a lovely look. Please note that the eyeshadow and blush colours are intense.

We recommend using this colour palette with a silver glitter such as Shooting Star from ETUDE HOUSE Bling Bling Eye Stick. 

 Shooting Star from ETUDE HOUSE Bling Bling Eye Stick

Why do we love the MEMEBOX I'm Meme Multi Cube?

  • Easy to use as it comes with 1, 2, 3, 4 number
  • Perfect for carrying it anywhere
  • Long-lasting formula
  • Blends easily

3. ETUDE HOUSE Play Color Eyes Wine Party $27.50

 ETUDE HOUSE Play Color Eyes Wine Party

This ten-coloured eyeshadow palette is a must for everyone who loves wine and cheese. The colours in this palette will make your eye makeup stand out from the rest. It's the ideal autumn and winter palette as it features incredible colour shades from browns to golds to nudes and rose reds.

Why do we love the ETUDE HOUSE Play Color Eyes Wine Party?

  • Affordable
  • Durable formula
  • Matte and shimmer shades

4. 3CE Mood Recipe Multi Eye Color Palette - Plot Twist- $58.22

 3CE Mood Recipe Multi Eye Color Palette

If you have oily skin, the 3CE Mood Recipe Multi Eye Color Palette is an incredible option as it offers sebum control. It comes in nine covetable colours to use every day.

The Plot Twist palette offers a wide range of shades, from subtle and natural to bold and intense. It provides soft and sweet peanut brown shades to add a touch of sophistication to the eyes.

Why do we love this palette?

  • Ideal for oily skin
  • Easy to use and blend
  • Portable
  • Long-lasting formula
  • Creamy texture

5. MISSHA Triple Shadow - Marsala Red - $6.99

 MISSHA Triple Shadow

One of the most incredible and affordable K-beauty palettes for creating a unique look is the MISSHA Triple Shadow. This compact eyeshadow comes in three complementary shades, and it's perfect for beginners.

The Marsala Red palette offers a trio of colours for different looks giving your eyes a quick and easy gradient effect. It has a soft and silky texture since it's formulated with Argan Oil.

It's possible to use each MISSHA Triple Shadow separately or together, depending on your needs.

Why do we love the MISSHA Triple Shadow?

  • Contains Argan Oil
  • It comes in 16 colour variations
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Affordable

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