Michelle Yeoh's Simple and Refreshing Skincare Routine

Michelle Yeoh

Welcome to Michelle Yeoh's everyday skincare routine, that's all about waking up your skin and embracing your natural glow. Inspired by the wisdom of an ageless Asian beauty routine, let's dive into the simple yet effective steps for keeping your skin ready for the day.

Morning Awakening Rituals

Treat your skin to a gentle wake-up call, just like Michelle. Stretch your body and start with a hydrating essence to moisturise your skin.

Gently pat, pat, pat, all over your face, including those fleshy cheeks and under the eyes. This ritual helps to achieve a nice contour reminiscent of a natural, healthy glow.

You can try J-beauty ROHTO MENTHOLATUM Melano CC Vitamin C Premium Essence. This potent vitamin C, E, and B6 essence targets dark spots and acne scarring. It reduces inflammation, redness, and irritation while eliminating bacteria.

The Cold Roller Magic

Michelle Yeoh channels a clean jawline thanks to a cold roller. Roll it over your eyes and jawline, creating a refreshing sensation. It's like a morning workout for your face. As a bonus, this step can contribute to achieving that sought-after contour and enhancing the firmness of your skin.

Steam Eye Mask

Inspired by timeless J-beauty traditions, Michelle incorporates a warming steam eye mask into her routine. KAO MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask contours your eyes as a warm-up massage. This stimulates the nerves and lymph nodes, improving overall skin health and combating under-eye bags.

Hydration is Key

For radiant skin, water is your best friend. Stay hydrated, as it sets up a beautiful canvas for makeup application. Consider adjusting your skincare products based on the climate; lighter lotions for humid conditions and creamier ones for harsher weather.

BEAUTY OF JOSEON Red Bean Water Gel is a lightweight lotion ideal for replenishing moisture and boosting skin health. It's excellent for hot summer days.


PYUNKANG YUL Calming Moisture Barrier Cream is another K-beauty option for hydrating skin. The formula contains Centella Asiatica, tea tree, and honeysuckle flower, leaving your skin smoother.

Sunscreen, Always

Award-winning Michelle Yeoh never leaves the house without sunscreen. Choose a sunblock suitable for your activities and climate. This step is crucial for protecting your skin from harmful UV rays and maintaining a healthy complexion.

One of our favourite Korean sunscreens is A'PIEU Pure Block Waterproof Sun Cream. This sunscreen offers SPF50+/PA+++, protecting your skin all-year-long. 

Nighttime Serenity

Michelle's bedtime routine includes applying a serum to promote skin regeneration. You can try I'M FROM Ginseng Serum. This serum clarifies skin due to its antioxidant properties. It prevents ageing signs such as fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots.

Makeup Secrets for Effortless Glamour

For Michelle, when it comes to makeup, simplicity is elegance. Choose a natural sheer foundation, such as MISSHA Magic Cushion Moist Up, to avoid a cakey appearance.

A touch of concealer, like CLIO Kill Cover Liquid Concealer, can address sunspots and imperfections. Embrace a quick and easy makeup routine, focusing on highlighting your natural beauty.

The 10-Minute Makeup Rule

As a famous actress, Michelle follows the 10-minute makeup rule. This minimalist approach includes:

  • Keep the eyeliner application minimal. A thin line along the upper lash line defines your eyes without being too dramatic. Choose a soft pencil or a liquid liner, like TONYMOLY Back Gel Eyeliner Long Brush, for smooth application.


  • Opt for a neutral eye shadow, such as Smoother from 3CE Mood Recipe Multi Eye Color Palette, or a subtle pop of colour. Apply the shadow across your eyelids using your fingertip or a small brush.


  • Choose a water blusher, such as A'PIEU Juicy-Pan Water Blusher, or powder blush for a healthy flush. Apply it to the apples of your cheeks, blending it towards your temples. This step adds a natural radiance, making you look refreshed and vibrant.


  • Finish your 10-minute makeup routine with a swipe of lipstick or lip gloss, like 3CE Plumping Lips. Choose a shade that complements your overall look and adds a touch of colour to your lips.

Embracing Your True Self

In the words of our beauty Michelle Yeoh, always be true to yourself. No matter the role you play or the cultural background, certain gestures and values transcend boundaries. The key is to find and fine-tune a kinder, more authentic version of yourself.

Beauty, as she demonstrates, doesn't have to be an arduous process but a celebration of the self.

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