How To Get K-Beauty Brows

The straight brow is a popular trend in Korea. The reason why so many Koreans love the straight appearance of brows over the arched one is that it gives a face a more youthful look. Arch on your brow can make eyes look droopy and tired because the brow is pointing down. With straighter brows, there are no vertical lines and your eyes appear lifted and younger.


Start by plucking or shaving your brows. Well maintained eyebrows are the key in this process as you want the brows to shape the face, therefore you don't want any hair outside the lines to attract the attention. Use a facial razor or pluck the hair in the direction they grow. Start by removing hair underneath the brow first, then, remove the hairs above the brow, but be careful not to pluck too much. Don't forget to cover the parts where you've removed hair with foundation or concealer.


Brush the brow hairs up. This step is important because you want to be able to see where your brows need the most help and where you want to focus on filling them in.


Next, you want to fill in your brows. There are two options here as you can fill them in with a pencil, eyebrow gel or both. Eyebrow gel is thicker in texture, applied with a small brush and will give your brows a bolder look. While a brow pencil is easier to work with. You can achieve hair-like lines by using a brow pencil, but the brow gel is usually longer wearing. If you choose the gel fill in your brows from ends towards your eyes. Be careful not to use too much product as it can look harsh. Don't forget to use spoolie after application to blend the product in and make it seem more natural. If you opt for a brow pencil use short and thin strokes to mimic the hair. Apply more on the ends of your brow. You should focus on making the brows look straight as possible and not accentuating the arch of the brow. Etude House's Drawing Eye Brow is a great choice for well-defined brows, without looking too harsh. It also comes with a spoolie.


To finish off use a bit of eyebrow gel to keep them in place. Make sure that the color matches your brows. Gel will make your eyebrows look more natural and will prevent smudges.

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