How Do K-Pop Idols Keep Their Hair Healthy And Shiny

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You've probably used the typical Korean beauty skincare routine, which can use up to 10 different products to support the skin's needs and leave you with a youthful, flawless complexion. Well, like K-beauty's skincare routine, Korean hair care methods are just as terrific as they use products that are more natural compared to the chemically packed products we're used to.

So if you want to have the hair of K-pop actresses Bae Suzy or Lee Sung Kyung, follow these tips.

1. Air Dry The Hair

Whenever it's possible, air dry the hair. Hairdryers and heated styling tools can damage the hair. When the hair is continuously exposed to heat, it can leave hair brittle and lacking in shine.

Experts recommend letting hair air dry, and if using a heating tool, use a protective spray or serum and gradually increase the heat.

2. Exfoliate The Scalp

It's an excellent idea to exfoliate the scalp to remove dead cells and hair products. You can try a homemade recipe: pour sea salt into shampoo and rub vigorously into the scalp before washing the hair. Then wash the hair as you would typically do.

3. Protein

Hair is made of a protein called keratin. When you don't include enough protein in your diet, your hair can become dry. Try to add a protein like chicken, eggs, dairy products, and fish into your diet. If you're vegetarian and vegan, you can add legumes, tofu, quinoa, and nuts. Don't forget to include iron and complex carbohydrates.

4. Cut The Hair Regularly

The only way to eliminate split ends is by trimming the hair every six to eight weeks. Do this even if you have curly or Afro hair, as you'll have better curl definition.

5. Control Stress

K-pop idols like Girl's Generation's Taeyeon or Red Velvet's Yeri suffer from a lot of stress, so that's why they exercise, eat a healthy diet, meditate, and sleep well to help the body and mind manage stress. Follow their lead if you want beautiful hair.

6. Brush Gently

Brushing the hair 100 times before bed will only cause it to break, so don't do it. Please note that one of the most common causes of hair breakages is using the wrong brush. Use a brush with plastic, rounded tips. The best way to brush the hair is to start from the ends and work your way to the top.

7. Hydrate The Hair

If the hair doesn't have enough water, it becomes dry, brittle, and stops growing.

If you have grey hair, you need to make sure to use a hydrating and moisturising conditioner as this type of hair is usually finer and more fragile, as oil glands produce less sebum as we age. It's best to use purple and blue toned products that are specifically designed to brighten grey hair.

2 K-Beauty Hair Products You Need To Have

Here are two of our favorite K-beauty hair products you need to have for beautiful, healthy hair.

INNISFREE Camellia Essential Hair Oil Serum $22.81

 INNISFREE Camellia Essential Hair Oil Serum

Please note that every K-beauty routine requires a hair serum. The INNISFREE Camellia Essential Hair Oil Serum strengthens hair with a radiant shine. It's ideal for those suffering from damaged hair as the fermented camellia oil leaves the hair soft and shiny with lasting radiance.

Apply two to three pumps of this serum to damp hair concentrating on the ends.

The INNISFREE Camellia Essential Hair Oil Serum is highly recommended for anyone who has damaged their hair from bleaching, dying, and straightening. After consistent use, you'll notice how the hair turns silky and beautiful without any oil residue or heaviness.

ETUDE HOUSE Silk Scarf Hologram Hair Serum $10.28

 ETUDE HOUSE Silk Scarf Hologram Hair Serum

If you suffer from frizzy hair, the best option is ETUDE HOUSE Silk Scarf Hologram Hair Serum. The ETUDE HOUSE Silk Scarf Hologram Hair Serum is a hair-smoothing serum for frizz-prone hair.

This k-beauty secret is packed with a unique oil complex to reduce frizz and repair damage from brushing, colouring, and styling hair. One of the best this about this hair serum is that you can easily apply it in the mornings and style.

It also helps seal ragged cuticles, preventing split ends and leaving the hair protected for longer.

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