Gym Lips: Why You Should Try This Newest Makeup Trend

Gym Lips: Why You Should Try This Newest Makeup Trend 

Even though the name might confuse you, Gym Lips is not how your lips look after a sweaty session at the gym. Gym Lips is the newest makeup trend, created by renowned makeup artist Kelli Anne Sewell. The name refers to the simple lip look she loves to use at the gym. 

This makeup technique is easy to follow and terrific to wear every occasion. The concept behind this trend is to make the lips look nourish, lush, plum, and natural. Gym lips are your go-to lip look whenever you want to look flawless but don't want to wear too much colour. 

Here is everything you must know if you want to try this makeup trend right now.

What are Gym Lips?

Gym lips are an easy-to-follow makeup trend with no swelling, sticking, or plumping. TikTok influencer and makeup artist Kelli Anne shows that it's possible to look flawless by emphasizing your natural lip colour.

The key is to choose a lipstick or lip liner that wonderfully matches your lip skin. Then, carefully fill in your lips and finally apply a lip gloss or lip treatment to the middle of your lips for a dash of moisture. 

Yes, this technique is so prevalent that you can see many Korean celebrities, like Jeongyeon from Twice, Joy from Red Velvet, and Kim So Hyun, perfectly portraying the healthy look. 

What do you need?

Amazingly, this makeup trend only requires two products: lipsticks and lip treatment or lip gloss. Here are our favorite K-beauty lip products so you can nail this look.


ETUDE HOUSE Dear Darling Water Gel Tint $16 (1PC)

The Dear Darling Water Gel Tint comes in four natural shades: Apricot Red, Shark Red, Red Bean Red, and Watermelon Red. This K-beauty lip tint offers a hint of colour while keeping your lips moisturised. 

Since you're trying to recreate the Gym Lips trend we recommend choosing lighter colours, similar to your lip skin. Our favorite is Watermelon Red which perfectly combines with rosy lips. 

ROMAND Glasting Water Tint $22 (1PC)

ROMAND Glasting Water Tint is an excellent option if you want natural, shining lips. This water tint comes in eight colours, so it's easy to find what best suits your lips. It provides a glossy finish while giving your lips maximum shine.

When using the Glasting Water Tint, applying a lip gloss or lip treatment is not necessary. It's perfect to heal cracked and dry lips. 

ROMAND Dewyful Water Tint $22 (1PC)

Suppose your natural lips are coral, peach, or rose. In that case, the Dewyful Water Tint has three excellent options: #01 In Coral, #02 Salty Peach and #03 If Rose. A K-beauty formula comes in eight different colours to give you a natural and beautiful look. 

The Dewyful Water Tint is enriched with herb extracts to improve your lip's health. It gives you a dewy, glossy finish. 

Lip Treatments

FRUDIA Blueberry Hydrating Honey Lip Balm $14

To achieve flawless Gym Lips, you need a top-quality lip balm like FRUDIA Blueberry Hydrating Honey Lip Balm. This Korean lip balm heals and shields the lips from external aggressors. 

It's enriched with antioxidants, honey, and nourishing ingredients to soften and hydrate your lips. The blueberry extract provides a natural flavor and a delicate berry sheen. 

3CE Plumping Lips $31 (1PC)

One of the most effective ways to achieve natural, glossy lips is to wear the 3CE Plumping Lips balm. This lip balm comes in five natural shades, including clear, to give your lips that perfect plump effect. 

A Korean formula specifically designed to give your lips a fuller look. It provides a soft, glossy touch for a long-lasting natural finish. 

MEMEBOX I'M Meme - I'M Jelly $24 (1PC)

Your perfect finishing touch to your Gym Lips is MEMEBOX I'M Meme - I'M Jelly. This lip gloss is adorable and user-friendly. The formula is enriched with nourishing ingredients to give your lips more moisture, glow, and radiance.


The I'M Meme - I'M Jelly lip gloss is a must-have if you want to turn your look into a K-pop-worthy look within seconds. It's the perfect product to combine with your favorite lipsticks or lip liners. 

Remember, the key to achieving the perfect Gym Lips is to make your lips look natural, full, and radiant. 

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