Do Koreans Wash Their Hair Daily?

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If you treasure K-Dramas as much as we, you might notice that it seems people wash their hair every day in Korea.

The truth is that in Korea, it's common for people to wash their hair daily because they're concerned about pollution and dirt. Conversely, people in Australia wash their hair two or three times per week. Unfortunately, many hair products are tougher on the scalp because of this, as they need to remove dust, gas emissions, and dirt.

Commonly, these products can harm the scalp and hair. Korean hair care routine is gentler with the skin as it's specifically designed for those who wash the hair daily.

It's essential to note that Koreans practice a haircare routine to ensure they've got a healthy scalp, free of dead skin cells and pollutants.

However, before changing your hair regimen, it's crucial to answer the following questions:

  • Is your scalp oily or dry?
  • What is your hair texture: strong, thick, thin, brittle, dry, etc.?
  • Is your hair dyed, processed, or bleached?
  • How do you style your hair?
  • Where do you live? In a city with high air pollution?
  • Do you sweat or swim often?

You should answer all of these questions to know if you need to wash your hair daily. Keep in mind that your way of life and climate also play a significant role in your hair care routine.

For instance, if you live in a place where air pollution is dangerous, it's wise to wash your hair constantly. Cigarettes, smoke, and air pollutants have a profound effect on your hair and scalp health. Contrary, if you live in a city where the air is clean, it's possible to wash your hair every two-three days.

Whatever you decide, it's vital to adjust your hair care regimen to your hair type. For instance:

  • If you've got oily scalp, we recommend washing your hair daily to maintain scalp and hair follicles clean. Avoid using shampoos that contain sulfates and silicones. You can also use hair tonics to repair the scalp.
  • For those who have dry scalp and thin hair, it's best to wash hair every two to three days. If you need more hydration, it's a good idea to use hair care products like serums and treatments.
  • If you experience dandruff, make sure to wash hair daily with hair products with salicylic acid or Zinc Pyrithione.

Here are more recommendations for achieving healthy and beautiful hair just like your favorite K-pop idols.

1. Think about your scalp.

It's crucial to think about your scalp even more than you think about your hair. Keep in mind that growing hair is dead. In Korea, people only use conditioners to prevent their hair from tangling.

Korean beauty experts recommend applying a hair treatment such as ETUDE HOUSE Silk Scarf Hair Hologram Hair Serum instead of conditioner.

 ETUDE HOUSE Silk Scarf Hair Hologram Hair Serum

Apply the ETUDE HOUSE Silk Scarf Hair Hologram Hair Serum all over the hair after shampoo to keep the hair healthy for styling. This serum takes care of damaged hair as it's packed with a unique oil complex to help you control frizz and repair damage from brushing, colouring, and styling.

2. Use The Right Amount

Most people believe the more conditioner or treatment they use, the better. However, you only need to apply a small amount.

For instance, you must apply a hair care product such as KAO Essential Night Care Milk after shampooing. Press the bottle no more than three times and rub evenly on damp hair and then style as usual. We recommend focusing on the middle till the hair end parts. You can apply the KAO Essential Night Care Milk on dry or wet hair.

 KAO Essential Night Care Milk

If you have medium-long hair length, you'll probably need more product, so make sure you pump one or two times more. It's crucial not to use too many hair care products at once, as this prevents even distribution.

3. Pick The Right Hair Care Products

Shampoo and conditioner are crucial for keeping your scalp and hair healthy. That's why it's critical to avoid buying whatever product you find in the supermarket. If you continue picking products not convenient for your specific concerns, you'll not achieve beautiful, healthy hair.

The only way you'll notice positive results in your hair is by identifying products that are suitable for your requirements. Make sure to pick the ones that your hair and scalp respond well to.

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