Can Face Rollers Help Acne-Prone Skin?

If you're struggling with acne, you might be wondering if using a face roller can indeed help to heal and prevent breakouts.

Thanks to its "miracle powers" for relieving skin issues, this ancient skincare tool has been trendy for a long time. Face rollers relax facial muscles, eliminate toxins, reduce inflammation and help beauty products absorb better.

Even though face rollers are well known for diminishing puffiness and preventing ageing signs like wrinkles and fine lines, there is a discussion if they can clear up acne.

Acne is typically caused when hair follicles are clogged with dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. If pores are blocked, they become infected with bacteria, forming pimples. Genetics and hormones can also trigger breakouts.

You can use face rollers on all skin types, including acne-prone skin. But it's essential to clean your roller after each use.

Dermatologists recommend using a facial roller such as THE HISTORY OF WHOO Bichup Gold Anti-Aging Massage Roller consistently to improve breakouts and acne scars. But they also agree that if you don't correctly and regularly clean your facial roller, it can cause breakouts.

THE HISTORY OF WHOO Bichup Gold Anti-Aging Massage Roller

Using an 18K gold coating roller like Bichup Gold Anti-Aging Massage Roller on a dirty face can worsen your skin issues as it can spread dirt and oil on the skin's surface, clogging pores and causing pimples. That's why it's vital to massage your roller on a clean face and wash your beauty tool after every use.

How to Clean a Facial Roller

Cleaning your facial roller is straightforward. Gently wipe the roller with a damp cloth or soft towel. Avoid washing your skincare tool with boiling water, and it's not recommended to soak it in water.

It's possible to use a gentle soap for a more profound clean. Using soap will prevent bacteria from forming and will remove product buildup.

Dermatologists suggest using an absorbent towel to dry your roller after finishing the cleaning process. Make sure to store your beauty accessory clean and dry in a cool place.

Don't forget to wash your roller after each use, especially if you have acne-prone skin. Additionally, deep cleanse your roller every two weeks to ensure it's bacteria-free.

How to Clean your Face to Stop Breakouts

Now that you understand how to clean your face roller properly, it's time to learn how to nourish your face to stop breakouts.

Before massaging your face with a roller, it's imperative to have clean skin to avoid spreading dirt and oil on the entire face. Follow these steps to clean your face correctly:

1. Use warm water and a mild facial cleanser such as PYUNKANG YUL Low pH Pore Deep Cleansing Foam to remove makeup and impurities. Please don't use harsh soaps as they can cause more redness, irritation, and inflammation.

PYUNKANG YUL Low pH Pore Deep Cleansing Foam

2. Dry your face with a clean towel and make sure to use it only once.

3. Using a cotton pad apply a toner such as BENTON Deep Green Tea Toner to balance your oily and dry areas.

BENTON Deep Green Tea Toner

4. Avoid scrubbing your face powerfully with an exfoliating tool or washcloth. This can worsen acne conditions.

5. Once your face is clean and tone, apply a moisturiser specifically designed for oily or combination skin. Using a non comedogenic product like JUMISO Pore-Rest LHA Sebum Control Facial Cream prevents dryness and skin peeling; plus, it's perfect for gliding your face roller over the skin's surface.

 JUMISO Pore-Rest LHA Sebum Control Facial Cream

Constantly following this skincare routine and using a facial roller can improve breakouts and diminish acne scars.

How to Use a Facial Roller

If you want to add a facial roller to your beauty routine, it's vital to learn how to do it. Follow these five steps:

1. Apply a facial moisturiser or serum to avoid pulling your skin, as this can lead to redness, inflammation, and irritation.

2. Begin rolling upward from the jawline to the ear. For optimal results, roll up instead of back and forth.

3. Gently massage both sides.

4. In an upward motion, massage your forehead up toward the hairline.

5. Carefully massage your eyebrows horizontally. This movement feels fantastic if you have a headache.

Dermatologists agree that it's possible to use face rollers daily. With only five minutes a day, you will increase blood circulation, making your skin healthier.

Try using the face roller for ten minutes on days with more time. If you experience discomfort, stop massaging. Remember, the key to properly rubbing your face is being gentle.

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