Blush The Key To Looking Younger Instantly

Blush The Key To Looking Younger InstantlyWhen looking younger, there's nothing more effective than applying blusher. A quick dash of blush instantly adds radiance and colour to your skin, making it a beauty bag essential. 

Unfortunately, when you apply it wrong, you can look dull and older. 

Here, K-beauty experts explain how to apply blush to make you look younger instantly and the best blushers to choose from. 

Prefer Matte Blush

As we age, it's best to prefer a matte cream blush as it blends more easily. Matte cream blushes are perfect for more aged skin as they look more natural. Most powder blushers can dry up the skin emphasizing ageing signs like wrinkles and fine lines. 

If you opt for a powder blush, apply it after using a good moisturiser such as KLAVUU Rejuve Pearlsation and makeup primer. Always select a matte powder blush shade.

Choose the Right Colour for your Skin Tone

K-beauty makeup artists recommend first identifying your skin tone to pick the right blush colour. Usually, rose and baby pink are universally flattering. 

People with medium to olive tones can use lavender, peach, and apricot tones; dark skin prefers berry and tangerine. 

Also, if you want to use a bright lip like Cherry Red from ETUDE HOUSE Dear Darling Tint, apply your lipstick before the blush to prevent colours from clashing. 

Apply Blush Upwards

The skin loses gravity and hangs down as we get older. Blush must have a lifting result. Avoid applying blush too low on the cheek. This will make your face look sag. And don't apply too high if you want to look younger. 

Follow these steps to apply blush:

  1. Cover your face with a foundation such as ETUDE HOUSE Double Lasting Foundation with a brush
  2. Apply a matte blush color to your cheekbones using a small makeup brush
  3. Put a light foundation layer over the blush with your foundation brush to create a flawless complexion. Repeat as needed. Be careful not to apply too much makeup to avoid looking cakey. The key is to make your skin look naturally beautiful. 

5 Best K-Beauty Blushers To Choose From

ROMAND Better Than Cheek $19

The Better Than Cheek blush collection comes in five shades to naturally accentuate your face. This K-beauty formula is specifically created for people looking for a subtle touch of colour. 

This powder blush has sebum and sweat control, so you'll look fresh all day. Plus, the formula provides an airbrush effect hiding skin flaws like blemishes, fine lines, and wrinkles. 

A'PIEU Juicy-Pang Water Blusher $19

If you want to add a vibrant tone to your cheeks, look no more than A'PIEU Juicy-Pang Water Blusher. This liquid blusher is terrific for older skin. It's highly pigmented and easily blendable. 

Thanks to its watery texture, it leaves the skin soft and dewy. You can choose from 12 fruity shades, so buying one will be challenging! 

ETUDE HOUSE Lovely Cookie Blusher $19

Korean brand ETUDE HOUSE offers you cute cookie blushers for those K-beauty lovers. These blushes are top-quality and affordable. They come in 10 shades, from Red Grapefruit Pudding to Pink Brownie. 

Many makeup influencers consider the Lovely Cookie Blusher a makeup bag essential due to its high-quality matte finish. 

3CE Blush Cushion $33

3CE Blush Cushion is the perfect option if you want vibrant, glowing cheeks that last all day. This cushion blusher provides natural, dewy contouring to help you create a watercolour makeup look.

Its translucent pigments add thin and buildable layers, so your face looks naturally beautiful. A K-beauty formulated with hyaluronic acid and Swiss Alpine herbs for keeping your skin healthy and radiant. 

3CE Mood Recipe Face Blush $35

It's possible to accentuate your cheeks with 3CE Mood Recipe Face Blush. It comes in 3 colours: Nude Peach, Mono Pink, and Rose Beige. This face blush is buildable, so achieving a flawless complexion is easy. 

The Mood Recipe Face Blush has a smooth, silky texture that perfectly matches your delicate skin. The formula has sebum control, and it's non-comedogenic. 

Finally, don't forget to apply a setting product like Moisturising from ETUDE HOUSE Face Blur for a flawlessly smooth finish that lasts up to five hours.

This face blur instantly smooths and protects the skin. Remember, to apply it on top of your foundation and blusher to give your face a younger, healthier look. 

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