4 Ways That Korean Actresses Combine Makeup With Their Outfit

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” - Coco Chanel

If you ever wonder how Korean actresses such as Jun Ji Hyun accomplish their flawless look? Well, the answer is simple, they think about how to coordinate their makeup with their outfit.

Jun Ji Hyun

K-beauty, after all, teaches us that makeup is part of an overall look so it makes sense that the elements should be combined.

However, like all makeup trends, keep it simple just like comedienne Jang Do Yeon, who looks flawless when she stepped out of the Baeksang Arts Awards. Here are four simple rules to follow if you want to match your makeup to your outfit.

Jang Do Yeon Baeksang Arts Awards

  1. Learn How To Coordinate Shades and Colours

Not everyone has the experience to coordinate shades and colour, it is a learning process.

But if you want to become a master of matching your makeup to your outfit here are some things you need to keep in mind.


In K-Beauty, lipstick will always be a key element. Regardless of the shade, lipstick makes a statement, all you have to do is look at K-actress Park Bo Young to know this is true.

Park Bo Young

Lipstick is the perfect element to complement your outfit. If you are wearing bold colours, choose a pink or neutral shade for your lips. If you are wearing jeans and a plain top, you can wear berry, red, or orange to draw attention to.


Be careful when you want to match your eyeshadow with your outfit as it can be a mistake.

But you still can choose the right eyeshadow shade to pull an outfit together.

If you are wearing an outfit full of colour you can choose gold, soft pink, or light brown eyeshadow. It is also permissible to use a bright colour on your eyes even if the rest of your outfit is bright. The key is moderation, do it with taste.

Your eyes can spark even more if you are wearing an outfit with shades of grey or black. You can spice up your eyes in shades of plum or brown.

It is a good idea to have several eyeshadows colours at home so you can mix and match. Our favourite is Etude House Look At My Eyes as there is a shadow for every look.

Etude House Look At My Eyes


It is not a good idea to directly match your blush to your clothing. You need to choose a blush that works best with your complexion. Once you find your shades you can decide how to combine them with your outfit.

The blush needs to suit your skin tone even if it is not the same colour as the clothing you are wearing.

We love Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher as they are designed for the K-Beauty Lover.

Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher

  1. Keep It Simple

Even though you want to match your makeup and outfit not go overboard. Please do not match everything. Remember, you want to look polished, you do not want to choose two colours and wear them from head-to-toe.

For example, if you love to try with eyeshadows make them bold, and keep your clothing more neutral.

  1. Choose Your Colours Wisely

You have to remember that it is not easy to match every item of your clothing. For instance, it is normal to have a hard time trying to match any lipstick colour with a dress to look polished and elegant.

It is important to understand that it is not easy to properly match a makeup colour to a large garment.

A great tip is to distribute your colours evenly and choose one of your accessories to match your lipstick or eyeshadow.

  1. Stick To One Colour Palette

Always be careful when you are trying to match your makeup with your outfit. Keep in mind, that if you are wearing a bright dress or top you can apply light blush and lipstick in complementary shades.

If you like to wear muted colours you have more freedom with your makeup. The key is to make sure your overall look is evened out.

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